Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 5 most wanted gadgets of 2011 – perfect Chrissie ideas!

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There’s nothing more satisfying than giving the perfect present (or receiving it!). If you want to get in the good books of your friends and family this Christmas, there’s one present that’s sure to tick all the boxes. 2011 produced an array of wonderful gadgets and technology triumphs, and any of the gadgets from the ‘most wanted in 2011’ list are a fail proof Christmas present. Popular with young and old, there are many things you can choose from.
So if you’re looking for Chrissie present ideas – have a look at these below!

iPhone 4S – It’s the most impressive iPhone yet, with all the original features, and more! Take Siri, for example, the intelligent assistant who can answer all your questions, remind you of important dates and even set your alarm by simply speaking into your phone. The iPhone 4S is in high demand, and you’re sure to win favour if you give it as a gift this Christmas! 

iPad2 – Another Apple product topping the list this year is the iPad2. Like the iPhone 4S, it’s outdone its predecessor and is one of the most coveted tablets on the market. There are thousands of applications to choose from and the best thing about the iPad2 is that everyone can use it. From children’s games for your lil’uns to e-mail and word processing functions for business use to e-reader capabilities, it’s a number of things all wrapped up in one!

Nintendo 3DS – The Nintendo 3DS is the perfect gift for your children on a long car trip (or for your grown-up gaming friends!). What makes it different to other Nintendos? For starters, it’s portable, but more importantly you can play games in 3D without wearing any glasses! 

Kindle Fire – Not yet released in Australia but one to keep an eye on, the Kindle Fire is being heralded as the iPad’s first serious competition. You can watch, read, browse and listen on the Kindle Fire, making it more than an e-reader and an impressive step up from the Kindle 2. While you won’t be able to give this as a gift this Christmas, look out for it in 2012. 

XBOX Kinect - The new Xbox 360 4GB console with Kinect is changing the way we game! It’s got built-in Wi-Fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable, a Kinect Sensor that allows for all body gaming and voice control. Your kids will love this as a Chrissie present, but the best thing is the whole family can get involved too.  

This Christmas, steer away from old faithfuls such as undies and socks and give your loved ones a gift they’ll remember! If you want to save your pennies, why not try equipment rental instead? You’ll get a range of extra services and you’ll be able to pay for the use of your iPhone 4S, iPad2 or Nintendo DS through easy monthly payments. And, when technology upgrades, you can upgrade your equipment too!

What gifts will you be giving this Christmas?

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