Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What to do when...

...the shed if overflowing with stuff and the kids want a new chalkboard???

Back before Ethan was born I used one of these as my computer desk:

But sadly it had to get dismantled and move to the shed when I was pregnant with Ethan as my study had to move into our master bedroom to free up a bedroom for him.

It has sat in the shed for almost 2 yrs while B complained that about how my stuff was overtaking his space! We will talk about the fact that he gets a 3-bay shed to himself while I am stuck in the corner of our master bedroom and half our garage later...

Then I seen this post over at Heir to Blair and thought, I am totally stealing that idea!

So we did:

B mounted it a little high on the fence... But thats cool. The kids have already fixed this problem...

Do your kids love to draw with chalk for hours? Mine do and now they can do it without complaining about the dogs walking over their art work!

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  1. This is a great idea. We are thinking of doing something similar for the CrashKids. Now all I have to do is figure out how to stop CrashBoy eating the chalk ;)

  2. Great idea! We used to have a chalkboard but it died in the humid weather up here!

    I don't have an office space either. I type on the iPad on the couch, and out PC is actually hooked up to the tv so if I want to use that I have to sit on the floor like the kids!

  3. How cool is that! Isn't is amazing that the hubby's get all the best storage in their man cave?

    Looking at something similar for my daughter in an outdoor area :)

  4. Brilliant idea!!

    My girl is just into chalk drawing now.. sometimes we let her draw outside the apartment but most of the time she draws on her chalkboard indoors. However, it is kinda small and she tends to draw outside the board too haha...

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Boo prefers to just draw on the walls of our HOUSE.

    Good thing it just hoses off eh?

    But your idea is much better. And not as embarrassing!

  6. my girls just saw the chalk board and they WANT IT BAAAADLY!

  7. Freaking great idea!! I think I'll be stealing it over summer!

  8. Yes, I saw this on Squigglemum earlier in the year and immediately coveted it! I have actually got to purchasing the plywood and painting it with chalkboard paint, but as we have colourbond fences (not wood), I don't really know where to go from here in terms of constructing it. I'm thinking I'll get my husband to put some big stakes in the ground and attach it to them somehow...

  9. I've wanted to do this for ages. Our patio is constantly covered in chalk drawings, so I'm thinking this might be a great option!

  10. That's a great idea!

    Mine love sidewalk chalk, but there's definitely the issue of the dog walking all over their masterpieces :))

  11. I saw a photo of a kitchen the other day where the kickboards under the breakfast bar were made of chalkboard (or painted in the special paint anyway)
    The kids would draw whilst the dinner was been made. I thought it was a fabulous idea for inside play.

  12. That's a very good idea! I'm looking at organizing one for my kids too. Just as soon as I can get hubby to sort his stuff out!

  13. I support the idea, as well. My kids will be very excited to have a chalkboard. Super indeed! :)


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