Monday, November 21, 2011

What Is It With Men and Sports?

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Seriously, put a group of men in front of a TV showing a sport of some description and they lose all sense of manners and decency! I know that is a sweeping generalisation, but it applies to most, if not all of the men I know.

Be it a football match (NRL for those playing at home), a car race or since getting Austar, a UFC match, the Neanderthal in B seems to come out. He yells, cheers, burps, farts and swears! It is like he forgets his surroundings for however long the sport is happening. 

Another instance of Neanderthal occurrences in this house is nudey mags. When I say nudey mags, I mainly mean Ralph and FHM, but there have been worse in this house and I am trying to phase it out by replacing them with sports mags. I would rather the kids find a sports magazine than a nudey magazine lying around the house any day. Recently the UFC Magazine has made an appearance in the house. It has now become his bathroom reading of choice which, if you ask me, is a slightly better magazine for the kids to find in the bathroom than a People magazine… 

I don’t actually think that he has noticed that, thanks to me, his nudey magazine stash is slowly dwindling. At the moment it is still a rather large stash though and thinking about it I should have prefaced the confession of his magazine stash with the fact that he received the majority of them from his work when they changed their site rules regarding magazine on the premises… I don’t think any of the blokes could face throwing them out, so they got divided among them all and sent home with them… anyway I am actually thinking about buying him a UFC Magazine subscription as a part of his Christmas gift from the kids and I in an effort to slowly transition the stash from ‘adult’ to child friendly. 

Oh boy, I have probably made B out to be way more of a Neanderthal than he is. So I want to go on the record to say that he is an excellent Husband and Father. Nudey magazines and ignoring his surroundings during sports are probably the only two major things that really annoy me. B if you are reading this, notice that I said MAJOR! You no doubt know what the minor ones are, I tell you often enough!

I have also been checking out other Sport magazine subscriptions for my brother as his magazine stash is way bigger than B’s. I if I can slowly transition that one, I am sure any future girlfriends will thank me.

Does your husband have a similar magazine pile?  Does he switch off from the world once watching sports?

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