Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Creative Space

Over the last few weeks I have had snippets of time where I snuck away to do something crafty. I had a swap to sew for so that is always a good motivation to get in and make something. I decided on  mug rug since I had never made one before... I can usually do mitered corners with my eyes closed, well almost with my eyes closed. But do you think I could get the bloody corners right? NO! After three mug rugs I admitted defeat and went with the cheats binding version! So annoyed.
Anyhow here is what I sent my swap partner.

And I have also been wanting to try my hand at some subway type art. I know I am late to the Subway art bandwagon. But I do still love it and a few weeks back I was saying how our wall are so boring and started pinning some wall art for inspiration. So anyway last weekend we headed off to Bunnings and Lincraft so I could stock up on some craft supplies some of my ideas happen.

I wanted to go a cheapish route so that if I stuffed them up I wouldn't cry too much so I bought a sheet of MDF for $10 and we cut it in half. I didn't waste any time and started the undercoat at my first opportunity.

After numerous coats of base coat and top coat I finally started thinking about what to put on them.

Here is what I decided on for one of them:
And now I have done one coat on the words.

It is nowhere near perfect and the first thing B will say to be is that they words aren't straight! I'll be telling him I meant for it to look like that, when really, it started off straight but with two kids helping things went a bit skewed...

I will probably need two more coats on the words before I sand and then seal it. I am also thinking about putting some love birds in the bottom corners, not sure yet though.

And stay tuned for the other sign. I will hopefully be able to show it to you soon.

Have you done anything crafty lately?

What do you think of subway art? Love it or Hate it?

I am linking up with Our Creative Spaces today. Pop on over and soak in all the crafty goodness!


  1. I love the words you have chosen for your subway art and I really like the fact that that the text isn't straight! :) Love birds would look fab I think! It's going to look great!!

  2. I've been wanting to try some 'text art' but always get stuck when I have to think of the words... yours are lovely!

  3. I think it looks fantastic. Well done.Great quote choice too.

  4. Love your mug rugs ... I've never attempted one because of the mental block I have with binding!!

    Great quote for your subway art!


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