Monday, November 28, 2011

McFatty Monday

For a while now I have had enough with my weight. I now weigh the most I have ever weighed except for at the end of one of my pregnancies where I carried that much fluid I started to resemble an elephant...

Anyhow, I can't give you an exact weight as my scales have died, but the last time I weighed myself I was around 85kgs that was about a month ago. That is 30kgs more than I would like to be and 15kgs more than I weighed when B and I got married 3 and a half years ago. And if I want to reminisce some more it is also 25kgs more than when I got pregnant with Caden almost 6 years ago. So yeah, I am over being fat, I am over using my anti-depressants as an excuse for my weight, and I am sick of not being able to wear my all time favourite jeans.

A few weeks ago I was sent some products to trial and review. Those products were Body Science Body  for Women products, and it was good timing really. I needed something to help kick start me on my journey. They came with an eating plan as well. And I followed it as much as I could but had to change a few things as there is no way I can eat Tuna... I have tried in the past and just can't get past the smell.

I can't tell you how much weight I have lost, but I can tell you that I have noticed that my clothing is fitting better and that in some cases they are getting loose. I am planning on sticking with the Body Science Body for Women to help me on my journey. As you can see from the Eating Plan below, you aren't replacing all your meals with the products, just a few here and there and that works for me as that is one of my problems in a sense that I either forget to eat or run out of time as I am rushing out the door with the kids.

By being able to have the snacks in my handbag or pantry I can eat them on the go and not be tempted by other options.

Have you tried meal replacements before? Do you like them or loathe them?

Every Monday I plan on giving you an update on how I am going. This means that I am accountable to someone other than myself. Next week I will start hosting a linky too. So if you want to either join me on my weight loss journey, or want to talk about healthy living and exercise, please feel free to link up.


  1. I wish you well on your weight loss journey, Amy. It's not an easy thing to do to change lifestyles and eating habits so kudos to you for stepping out and doing so.

  2. Great idea Amy. I've been posting on Wednesdays about my journey to reclaim my pre baby body so I guess I'll just change it to Monday's from now on!

  3. Awesome Sara! Can't wait until next Monday. Lets hope I have positive things to share.

  4. Go, Amy ! I've tried meal replacements but they really didn't do it for me. I'm just one of those people that need to have something substantial in my mouth to be satisfied and call it a meal :)
    But if it's working for you and you're seeing the changes...keep at it !!!
    Look forward to hearing more about it ! :)

  5. Good on you Amy for giving it a go! Funny how easy it is to put on the weight - but so much harder to lose it...I have the same issues! Bigger now then when I was pregnant with my fifth boy. Its not becuase I am eating more, but its the lack of time issue :)
    Be good to hear how you go on the program


  6. Good for you Amy. I'm about to start my own journey with the help of my brother who is a personal trainer. We haven't worked out a day yet, but I'll link up and share the journey with you :)

  7. Do there with you Amy. Do I have to write it on a Monday or can I link up something from during the week??? Good luck lovely. x


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