Monday, November 28, 2011

It's My Birthday And I'll Spoil You If I Want To!

So today I turned 26. B got home at 630am and I could hear him sneaking around the house getting the kids ready. They all came bounding into to bedroom at 7am yelling Happy Birthday and dropping gifts on me.

The celebrations were wrapped up quickly so that B could go to bed seeing as he has been at work all night, but apparently there is something else planned for later today...
No, I didn't get these flowers, but I think I am goig to have to hunt out a Peonies bush to plant in my garden so I have flowers like this in my house!

I do feel older this morning but I think that has something to do with the fact that I have a throat infection...

Anyhow, so because it is my birthday I thought I would have a surprise giveaway. You won't know what the gift is until you receive it! Just like on your birthday. To enter all you need to do is tell me what you love to do on your birthday. Entries will close at 5pm AEST on Sunday the 4th of December and I'll draw the winner that night.

So go on, what do you love to do on your birthday??

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  1. Ooh exciting!! I guess on my birthday I always love to be spoilt. I like it when the day is planned a bit (not by me), and when there are special decorations around for my birthday!

  2. First of all - Happy Birthday! I loved being 26.

    I love to wake up to kisses from hubby and my girls and then opening the card they make me and having a wonderful dinner with my husband. Flowers would be nice too.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    On my birthday I actually like to have at least one hour to my self, I get all contemplative and have those really deep, who the heck am i moments? Oh and i love cake, birthday is not complete with a grand cake..mmm

  4. I love eating the cake on my birthday.

    Happy birthday Amy

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    As a mother of a three month old who I am feeding I would love to drink a lot of wine and sleep.

  6. Opps should have put breast feeding. I hope all mother feed their three month olds.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope you're day is every bit as special as you would like xx

    On my birthday, I love receiving phone calls and emails from family and friends :)

  8. First of all, happy birthday. You're 26, a spring chicken! Hope you get lots of spoiling done today.
    My ideal birthday would involve flowers and perhaps a visit to a day spa for a massage.
    I had my birthday yesterday, and I didn't get either of those (I'm a single Mum), but I did have my kids home for my birthday, which was the best present of all.

  9. Happy birthday 0- those flowers are gorgeous so i say hunt away!

    For my birthday I just love to be taken care of - some one else making meals, sorting out dramas, kids being more independent instead of needing me 24/7. It is my day to be a little extra-selfish and feel special!

  10. Yay Birthday's are fun! I love to have family time on my Birthday and a BBQ with friends. Nothing fancy, just good company :)

  11. I love to be waited on hand and foot.
    A handmade card from the kiddies and an "I LOVE YOU MUM".

    may your birthday bring you some special surprises, hhp x

  12. On my birthday, I love to not have to cook.

  13. On my birthday, I like to either take the whole day off work or just a half day, spend the afternoon getting a facial and mani/pedi and going out to dinner with hubby.

  14. Peonies - I love peonies! For my birthday I love to wake up slowly and to eat slowly (nice food of course) and generally just enjoy the day instead of rushing around. Hugs, kisses and "I love yous" from my husband and kids are the best.

  15. Go out for dinner so i don't have to cook, i love to be with my family have a celebatory drink or two and eat cake preferably chocolate :0)


    I love going out with my hubby, just us no kids. Its great to spend sometime just the two of us. I also love cake. It would be really nice to be whisked off to Bora Bora for a month... i'll keep dreaming.


    I love getting a sleep in, not that 7am type but a real sleep in, for all of us to be together for the day and dinner out

  18. Happy Birthday Amy!!!

    I love to be spoilt, however that might look like, lol!!

  19. Happy birthday Amy - and I must say, cool giveaway idea!

    I'm such a sucker for birthdays still, even if it does mean I'm getting a year older. I love the fact I can revert back to being a kid and be selfish for one whole day :)

    Hope you enjoy your special day x

  20. Happy Birthday!
    I love to get all 4 kids around me in bed and unwrap all the handmade cards and pressies from kindy and school, then a big brekkie cooked for me, then some shopping and lunch at the park.

  21. Happy Birthday! He sounds like a keeper :) I love that on my birthday hubs always gets me flowers. It's something that we started when we were dating, and it's a nice little tradition now.

  22. Happy Birthday!!

    On my birthday I love to go out for dinner as a family. No cooking or cleaning up - such a luxury. There's a little Italian place down the road that I adore.


  23. Just realised i so rudely for got to say happy birthday in my comment so HAPPY BIRTHDAY :0) hope you had a fabulous day.

  24. Happy birthday!

    I love to sleep in on my birthday. Nobody wakes me up until 6 o'clock (an hour later than usual). We have a picnic for lunch and go out for dinner.

  25. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! My family and lots of my friends are in Italy so on my b-day I love to get phone calls from them!!

  26. what a great idea - a mystery gift! I love my five boys to be happy for my birthday, and to have a day where we all get along ;)
    Love those flowers!

  27. happy birthday!!
    for years i spent my birthday with my nan, i was born on her 50th birthday and it was also mothers day!! (great present)!! then 2 years ago my gorgeous boy decided to crash my 30th birthday with my waters breaking (5 weeks early!!)just after we got home from dinner he was born the next day!!
    sadly my nan passed away 2 days before our birthday this year so i really didnt want to do anything this year but we still made bears birthday special!!
    so i guess on my birthday i now enjoy planning my sons birthday!!


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