Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm grateful for...

AIR-CONDITIONERS! In particularly mine!

I know I was shouting but this week has been so bloody hot that we have had to resort to the use of them A LOT!

I will be hunting through the shed tomorrow to find anything that resembles a wadding pool and setting it up for the kids. It is weather like this that makes me wish we had a money tree so we could put a pool in. I have a feeling we would live in it if we did!

Has it been hot in your part of the world this week? What are you doing to keep cool?

What are you grateful for this week?

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  1. Melbourne has not been as hot since you left ;) Perhaps you took the weather with you because we've just been getting rain and cool mornings.

  2. Ah a great thing to be grateful for, i can't live without ours on those really hot days, although the weather here has been really mild this week so haven't had to use it! x

  3. Hot? we are freezing here, and it hasn't stopped raining for 3 days. But I think I'd rather have that than the heat. Summer is still ahead of us, plenty of time for hot weather.

  4. It's been boiling hot here and I was very grateful for an invite for the kids to have a swim after school today - i was melting and dreading our usual park date.

  5. Not so hot here at the moment, and raining. Can't wait for the hot weather I love it. We hardly use our air conditioner but I do love a late night summer breeze :)

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  7. Perth had 2 days above 35 and it was sweltering.. my parents have a pool so are able to use that, but I have a feeling this summer my lil squirts and I will be sitting in the paddling pool alot under the shade of a nice tree!
    The worlds tempature is definately changing!!
    Hope you find your paddling pool!!

  8. Aaah - Summer is on the way.
    I love it.
    But I also love my air conditioning and pool too!!

  9. Yah for air con. I fnd it isn't the heat, it's that horrible humidity. I was fine yesterday. Our aircon in our lounge dining is dead so I have to suffer til the new one is fitted. Lucky the bedroom have their on aircon.

  10. Your image made me laugh! So true, though. We only have aircon in the upstairs bedrooms but I couldn't get through summer without them. The rest of the house is supercool and well designed for Sydney summers.

    Mind you, we are almost through Spring and the weather has been winterish at best, stifling hot at worst.



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