Friday, November 18, 2011

A Handmade Christmas- Gift Ideas

I thought I would share with you some easy gift ideas that a beginner sewer could make. I am still very much a beginner sewing and this projects are easy for me to make.

Coasters- These are super easy, you can either make them like a mini quilt and bind them or you can back two sqaures with interfacing to give it some stiffness and then sew the two squares right side together on three sides then turn to the right side out and top stitch.

Table Runners- If you pick up a pack of charm sqaures you can piece one together quickly and then baste and bind. As I beginner you would be able to make one of these in a day. Quilts really aren't that scary once you give them ago.

Source: via Kalynn on Pinterest

Cushions- Cushions are so fast and easy, if you can sew a straight line, you can make a cushion. Envelope closures on the back save the need for fussing with a zipper or making button holes.

Brooches- You can make some quick and easy brooches with some felt and fabric scraps. Here are a few I made a few months ago.

Slippers- I was planning on making a pair to show you, but I ran out of time this week... You can find so many patterns for fabric slippers online. But there is also a great pattern in the most recent Make It Perfect book.

Eye Masks- Again, I had grand plans to make an Eye mask to show you, but here are some examples.

Hot/Cold Packs- you can make them in different shapes and fabrics to suit the ladies, men and children in your life.  I did actually make a few to show you this week!

Here are the ones I made:
Sew the rectangles right sides together leaving room to turn right side out and fill with rice.

The rice mixture was rice, dried lavender and 20-30 drops of essential oils. I used a bottle cut in half for a funnel.

Once they are as full as you would like, either top stitch them closed or use and invisible ladder stitch.

He was supposed to look like he was in pain...
And again, he couldn't stop smirking!
If you want to make different shapes you can use cookie cutters, or draw the pattern free hand.

I hope I given you some ideas. This post was a bit rushed as I am finishing it in a hotel room in Melbourne! Day Light Savings is really doing our head in down here. B couldn't get over how bright it was at 7pm last night!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to link up any gifts or decorations you have made. If you have more than one blog post to link up, that is fine too. I would love to see what you have made!


  1. ah my staples! Although i am meaning to try those coasts for ages!

    Love the model's work!

  2. So many gorgeous things. Clever you.

  3. I've been searching in google for some new ideas and fortuitously found this blog. What a wonderful blog! I love how comprehensive each of the entries are. They are well balanced - funny and cognitive - and the pictures are cool too.


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