Monday, November 7, 2011

Dreaming of re-decorating... + a giveaway {closed}

A few weeks back I wrote about how I am wanting to start re-decorating and start adding things to our walls.

It started of with my MIL buying us new curtains for our main living area. They are lime green and amazingly they don't look horrid...

 She got the inspiration for the green curtains from two pictures/paintings that adorn our walls in this space. She actually painted the frangipani one for me about 7 years ago.

A part from those two, there really is nothing much else adorning our walls except for 3 photo canvas. Hence me starting this:

I have been hunting around for more inspiration and apart from heading to pinterest, I have had my head in this months Country Style magazine. I want to keep the house light and bright, the front cover is inspiration right there:

And as I keep turning the pages, I find more and more images that I would love to use as inspiration for parts of our home.

If you would like to explore the pages of Country Style like I have these past few weeks you can enter to win yourself a copy. I have 3 copies to giveaway this month. So simply comment below and tell me what kind of space you dream of creating in your home for your chance to win. For extra entries you can tweet and share on Facebook. If you do please comment separately for them to count.

Entries will close Monday 14th of November and will be drawn via on Tuesday the 15th. Winners will be notified on the blog and via email.

For more info on Country Style you can check out the Home Life website or visit the facebook page.

Disclaimer: I received no financial remuneration for this post. I did receive a copy of Country Style magazine for the purpose of writing this post.


  1. In my house i would love to create a bit more of a relaxed homely feeling with a bit more organisation! I love your green curtains they look great, the frangipani pic is just gorgeous!

  2. I would love to style the main bedroom to make it less of a man cave. Something a bit girly for me.

  3. I would love my bedroom to be a place of calm and quiet - not just somewhere to fall into bed at night!

  4. We have a wall separating our dining and formal lounge. I would love to knock that wall down and have all open living, a dream in the making only hope it comes to fruition!!!

  5. Does outside count? I would love an outdoor living space. We have the slab, but need the roof. Oh, and I'd love a pool!

  6. Oh my gosh, where to start?!

    I want to make over EVERYTHING!

    But at the moment, we have our heads down & bums up working in the backyard for it to be finished in time for Max's first birthday.

    It's tough work this decorating business :)

    That magazine looks so inspiring!

  7. I would love our home to be more clean. As in no clutter. I can't stand clutter. My neat freak self has been sequestered since moving in with my boyfriend (now husband).

  8. shared with twitter (@sconeonamission) !

  9. Well, firstly we need a bigger home, or a Doctor Who TARDIS, as hubby says. Then there are actually three dream spaces I really want to create, even though you asked for one. If I had to rank them, I'd firstly want a kid's play/romper room that is not just functional but fun and inspires creativity and the liberation of imagination. Second, we need a proper study that takes all the spillover in our master bedroom and dining area so we can reclaim these areas. Finally, I'd love to create a relaxing and uncluttered master bedroom that encourages rest and some fun too. Sorry, I couldn't pick one, but I did rank them. :-)

  10. Its the season for it. Summer, windows open and possibilities. Love country style!

  11. We're hoping to build on our country block sometime soon, and this magazine would provide so much inspiration for design and decorating ideas!

    I dream of having an open kitchen, with flowers on the bench and checked curtains fluttering in the breeze from an open window..

    natalie_bond85 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  12. I would love to create a clean, organised, modern looking home, with awesome colour schemes. One day, hopefully!
    djchilds at hot mail (dot) com

  13. a craft room, a little bit of me space in a house that seems to scream "we have children" ....

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