Friday, October 21, 2011

When things turn bad...

... head to the beach.

Wednesday was a horrible day here, the house was a mess. And I mean pigsty type mess. I have no idea how the kids trashed it so fast but they did.

Not one of them was interested in following any instructions and I got that frustrated I started to yell... Not good.

So I did what any sane parent does and started with the bribing... (everyone does it right??? Or did I just admit another parenting failure on top of the yelling??) I told them that if everyone pitched in and help with the picking up of toys and doing jobs then we would go to the beach after Daddy woke up. (He had just finished night shift)

And you know what, it worked! The yelling came down a notch, the jobs got done and we escaped our four walls and head for the surf. Well the mediocre surf at a little beach we have near by that is extremely safe for the kids to 'boogy board' anyway.

So this week I am totally loving what the great outdoors can do for ones stress levels. We all got home much happier, calmer and tired then before we left. The kids were asleep by 6:30pm and I even got to sleep at a reasonable hour myself.

Do you find that everyone is happier and less stressed if you just get out of the house for a while? Do you sometimes bribe your kids, or am I the worlds worst parent for doin

I am playing along with Paisley Jade today for Thing's I'm Loving. What are you loving today?



  1. Lovely images - great facials from your little boy!!
    I think that kind of bribery is perfectly acceptable - you were doing it because you knew everyone would benefit, so it was a win-win situation :)

  2. Lovely to see you all having fun.

  3. Can I just say NOT bribery when it is given after the desired behaviour - that is a reward! Rewards for good behaviour, totally okay parenting. Just so you know! Bribery is when you give them the treats before hand. :o) Looks like a lovely day.

  4. I see happy kids, and sounds like a happy Mum, so really, when you look at the bigger picture, no harm done. I had to use a lollypop to bribe my 2yo daughter out of the library recently, because she kept running off & I was exhausted, not something I do every day, so no harm done.:)Sam

  5. What great shots and a lovely layout :) looks like very happy kiddies - good job :D

  6. Beautiful pics!! I totally find that getting out of the house helps too.

  7. Gorgeous pics Amy, yes getting out of the house even to park helps calm things down!


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