Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

I have a lot to love this week! First off I actually got to spend some time with Jan the Janome yesterday and I quilted a lap quilt that has been waiting to be quilted for about 6 months

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that I am going to Melbourne next month for a bloggers brunch! This means I can meet some of the bloggers that I regularly chat with on Twitter! And since my birthday is next month I convinced B that we should go together and make in a short trip for the two of us for my birthday!
He has never been to Melbourne before (well he has been to the airport for to take connecting flights to Perth...) So I am excited for him too! I haven't been to Melbourne in over 10 yrs but I love that place!

I am loving that Cadens birthday party last weekend was a success and the rain didn't come until after the party!

I am loving (and not loving) how cheeky this little guy is becoming at the moment!
He is testing is boundaries in a big way at the moment and has also discovered a love of climbing on things, as you could probably tell from the photo!

And how can you not love this girl! Her imagination at the moment is so fun to experience. She came running up to me the other night looking like this...

And saying ARRRR, I'm a pirate!

What are you loving today?

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  1. That little pirate is SO cute and a weekend in Melbourne sounds like SUCH a treat!

  2. Arrrrrr, your pirate is far too pretty to be a pirate ;0)

    And I like your table ornament, hee, hee! I have one of those too! Often scantly clad (apart from yellow gumboots!).

    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne... I was there 9 year's ago! Fabulous place, would love to visit again... one day :)

  3. Oh those children are so much fun. Enjoy MLB, i like to visit too. I'm loving green milk glass, oh so yummy, love Posie

  4. oh how long will yu stay here? I would love to catch up with you but i guess your schedule will be jam packed tight!! hope you enjoy our wonderful city !

  5. haha - your kids are so cute!! That cake looks amazing too. Love your list.


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