Thursday, October 27, 2011

The doubt is creeping in

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I have 4 posts saved as drafts that need to be edited and just no ambition to actually do it.

They are giveaway/review posts they need to be done soon. But right now I have so much stuff on my plate that I decided I wouldn't blog today, but then I missed it so thought maybe I would just come and write some dribble. I am good at rambling, not saying much and all, just typing for the sake of typing.

I have so many blogging goals, and I am reaching some of them, but I still don't really know where I want to take this baby of mine. I love the community that I have become a part of. I love that I have met new people because of this blogging thing. But at the same time, I still feel like I don't fit in. But that is the story of my life, I have never really felt that I fitted in. Not funny enough, not tall enough, not slim enough (and now, nowhere near slim at all). You get the drift. So this week I am really doubting myself. I know why my head is like this though. I have just been so busy and not sleeping so it is starting to get to me.

Anyway, what have you been up to?

Have you been bitten by the procrastination bug like me?

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Who knows, I might even finish all the posts and schedule them so I don't have to think about them anymore!


  1. You and me both. On DP there are a few discussions about some blogs and how they would be more popular if they stuck to one subject (eg. organising, fashion, kids games), everything my blog doesn't.

    I also find that naps take precedent over blogging which doesn't help with time.

    Keep at it, don't give up or beat yourself up over it :) No doubt you are awesome!

  2. Amy, oh my gosh, I wish I could give you the biggest hug right now.

    You're beautiful, you give so much to this blogging community,& I want you to feel like you get it back in return :)

    I don't know what your goals are, but one thing I learnt from the DP conference is that it does take time.

    So ihope you take that time, & we can form a lovely bloggy friendship through this beautiful community :)

    Hold your head up high!

    And lots of love xox

  3. It's hard some weeks.

    When I get like that I try not to push myself - just go with it and the joy of blogging will come back soon. x

  4. I find lately I've started to be drawn into the headspace of Bloggy goals. I had two main aims when I started; to connect with other bloggers and to express myself in writing, photos and any other relevant way. But after hearing snippets from the Problogger training day I've started to wonder if I need more goals than that, more focus than that. I'm not sure. Why does anyone want their numbers to grow. For the sake of it? For business reasons? Other? Food for thought. I hope your doubt has not gotten the better of you and you are getting your mojo back.


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