Monday, October 10, 2011

Party Time

We are all partied out here for 2011, well for kids birthdays anyhow! All three kids have had their birthdays for 2011 and well I am relieved let me tell you. Kids birthday parties sure are a lot of work! But I enjoy planning them and defiantly enjoy watching the kids enjoy themselves on the day.

Caden had requested a Cars party for his birthday and  not just any type of Cars party, but a Disney/Pixar version. So off I went to Pinterest and pinned away for weeks. Then we started putting everything together slowly and surely. I had grander plans then what actually happened as we ran out of time, but the day was still fab and everyone (I think) enjoyed them selves.

I didn't get photo's of everything though as I had planned to take photo's after everyone had left also but we had a thunderstorm roll through so everything got packed up quick smart before it bucketed down.

Next year I am hoping he requests a lego themed party! I have already started pinning for that one!

Do you go all out for kids birthday parties? Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to the planning of them? Do you create more work for yourself like I do???


  1. My goodness you are a champion! I wish I could say I wnt all out like you have but am still a work in progress on that front :)

    Your kids are very lucky to have a mummy like you!

  2. Hi! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. Come and have a look at
    Crissy x

  3. What a beautiful party so much love ! Where did you find the glass drink jars

    Yeah, I have done the whole party bit for years every theme possible princess, fairy, racing cars, magic, harry potter, footy the list goes on and on...this dec will be party number 30 !!!omg! Carnival is the theme!

  4. I LOVE the apples & grapes!


    I am my own worst enemy re: hosting ANYTHING.

    I go ALL out. And put way too much pressure on myself, but on the actual day, I am so happy, & happy that i went to the effort :)

    Women, huh?

    We're crazy! :)

  5. Looks like it was an awesome party!


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