Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend in iPhone photos

B was on days off all weekend, which we all enjoyed as he has been doing weekends for the last month.

So we started the weekend off with a family outing to the kindy markets.

After the market we had to traipse into town to buy a present for a birthday party on Sunday. No photos though as it included a meltdown in the toy section of Big W. I blame my mother and brohter for ALWAYS buying the kids something when they go there...

On Sunday Caden and B headed of to a birthday party in the morning, while I got the awesomely fun job of cleaning the house! Oh and Ethan though he would try balancing his toast on his head...

Then we headed into town AGAIN for a trip to Lincraft and Bunnings. I stocked up on some craft supplies so I can finally get into some project I have been wanting to do and to also stop the kids nagging about making Christmas decorations.

And the kids couldn't wait to break out the craft stuff when we got home...

Stay tuned later in the week to see what we get up to with all the craft stuff. I am planning on making some subway style art too. Have already put a base coat on the mdf, so hopefully I should have them finished by Friday.

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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  1. Nice that you all had a weekend together. Ours is still going thanks to Melbourne Cup. Some house work on the cards!


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