Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh That's Pinteresting...

The If We Celebrated Halloween Edition...

We don't do Halloween. It is just not something we celebrate, and I am going to sound all fuddy duddy saying this but, here in Australia it is the stores pushing the merchandise onto the consumer that is seeing it's popularity rise here.

But we if did celebrate Halloween then I would certainly be doing some of these craft with the kids.

You can find more of my 'If We Celebrated Halloween' pins here.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

I am linking up with Tina today for Oh, That's  and 5 Minutes Just For Me. Pop on over and check out what everyone has been pinning!


  1. I do celebrate Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. ... probably because it's a way to celebrate fall! You found some wonderful ideas to use with children. Happy Pinning!

  2. We don't really do Halloween, but the Kindergarten is trick or treating. I do love all the crafts though, so much better than all the plastic store bought crap.

  3. I am American (live in brisbane though) so love halloween - we at least live in an area that does a neighbour event - sausage sizzle gathering, trick or treating in small groups and the neighbours that want "in" display an orange ribbon. A whole heap of fun over 2 hours and then off to bed!

  4. They are awesome pins, so effective yet relatively simple to make. We sometimes celebrate Halloween, not this year though - next year we will be!

  5. We do celebrate Halloween but we're not this year. Loving these pins. So many cute scary crafts to do!

  6. Awww so cute!
    Nope we don't do halloween here- I hope we don't have trick or treaters! Hubby usually says trick and they are gob-smacked.

  7. Some great ideas here! The BOO lettering is just so cool.

  8. are those little lanterns felt. how cute are they. we did it last year but not this year. i am thinking maybe next year ... (that gives me a year to put some pins to action)
    great post

  9. You found some wonderful Halloween pins... especially since it's a holiday you don't enjoy celebrating. Now that Halloween has gotten so commercial, it isn't nearly as much fun...but I do have some fond memories from years past.


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