Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My neighbourhood has gone to the dogs...

Alternatively titled, The Joys of Living Next Door to a High School Teacher...

You would think I would be complaining about the fact that a Construction company is renting out 6 house just up the road from me meaning that around 25 blokes walk past every morning and afternoon swearing and carrying on oblivious to the fact that my kids are playing in the yard and can hear everything they are saying.

The photos aren't that great as I really didn't want to stand out the front and start snapping away...
But no, I am complaining about the fact that my next door neighbours happen to be High School Teachers, yes the pair of them both teach at the local high school and it appears that they have pissed off a few of their students recently as some time on Sunday (in broad daylight mind you) some charming little turds decided to decorate our street.

They mainly focused on next door flicking white house paint all over the front yard, drive way and letterbox.
They were kind enough to decorate a bit of our drive way also, as well as the house up the road. The thing that I am grateful for though is that it occurred while B was at work as his car would have been parked in the firing line.

He has parked his car in the same spot for 5 years, well that is about to change. You can see in the photo where he parks his car, well underneath there is now huge blobs of white paint. They got the light pole next to the car also.
You can't really see it that well in the photo, but there is paint all the way at the top of the drive way and at the same height across the front yard. The letter box copped it too...

The thing that gets me though is that they done it in broad daylight. B left for work at 5am Sunday morning and everything was fine in the street. He got home at around 7pm and it looked like we had been inundated with a flock of pigeons or something. We then realised that it was white paint...

Seriously what happened to rocking roofs, or toilet papering them, or even the humble egg??? House paint, seriously! I can't believe I am going to type this, but kids these days! Do they have no sense of right and wrong? Bloody hell they make me angry.

Hopefully they find out who did it and there punishment is to clean it up themselves!

Do you have anything happen in your neighbourhood that makes your blood boil?

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  1. Little buggers! Grrr. Whenever there is a teen party in the neighbourhood the local playground gets trashed. The next day there's more graffiti, bottles everywhere and rubbish for miles. Little shits. No sense of respect or responsibility. I'm with you, what is it with kids these days?

  2. walking to the shops yesterday near the park there was a knife stuck into the trunk of a tree and a pile of lemon slices underneth (i am guessing for coronas) and little kids were playing about 15 meters away - i took the knife and chucked it in my bin when i got home - somebody will be missing a steak knife

  3. It's a bit scary- the complete lack of respect and humanity. Makes me very glad that I don't deal with children like that, but very sorry and very respectful of people who do!

  4. Oh how frustrating.

    A few years ago we lived on the crappy side of town. Every weekend our lawns would be littered with empty alcohol bottles/cans, and someone would always turn our water off.
    We didn't last very long in that street.

  5. Oh no. People are so disrespectful.

  6. Awful! Our area has really gone down hill. We are waiting for someone to paint our side fence as it's very long and white - great graffiti canvas. We've been egged in the past because I told some little so & so's to stop tobogganing in front of our house at 2am! Hope this problem of yours gets sorted x

  7. Sheesh! What a mess! Makes me very happy to not have chosen teaching as a career. I honestly don't know how they do it.

  8. Wow, house paint - they must have been pretty mad. We've had eggs (on halloween one year), but nothing so permanent.

  9. Oh that is just awful, I hope they find out who did and make them scratch it off with their finger nails


    How fustrating! What happend to 'old school' eggs and toilet paper? If I was one of those teaches, I'd be checking whose daddy is a painter...and check the soles of all the kids in class...nitwits like that forget the simple things like washing shoes.

    Crap! Well, turps will get it off at least.


  11. Crap, it wasn't my kids was it? Only joking. Seriously that is the kind of thing Mr 10 would get up to if he was left to his own devices. But he's not. We have kids younger than him running around the neighbourhood and the small nearby park with hammers, nails, glue/paint and all kinds of crap, parents nowhere in sight. What is wrong with people? And the language - unbelievable!

  12. what little buggers! I hope they catch them and make them scrub it off! and to do it in broad daylight too. We had workers in our street for the gas and they actually had a fight outside our house. Many Many swear words and loud music with lots of F's i had to close our windows and turn the tv up so my kids wouldnt hear. Professionals my ass.

  13. Amy, that is so not cool! Kids are such unimaginative shits these days. OK, you can have fun doing some random stuff to annoy your teacher, but this type of thing is really stupid and not good fun.

    Intoxicated Bike Riders husband is a year master at a prestigious private school and seriously when he is being The Silver Fox, I am farken scared of him. The stuff he tells me how they handle their students is very impressive. Hope these kids get the treatment from someone like The Silver Fox.

  14. It's bloody disgusting! I would be completely mortified of any of my kids even thought about doing something like that!
    Where were the parents when this was happening? No values or respect.

    Sorry Amy :( hope you get some vindication soon

  15. Hm, this is very uncomfortable situation, I don't know what I would do in your shoes but actually i think it is a problem of your neighbours and they should solve it!

  16. Nuh, seriously get the police in - this is vandalism. What have the neighbours said?
    My neighbour is a violent maniac - he has been renovating his house for 3 years!!! Parking in our front, swearing trades (which are his family members or mates) loud music etc....worse even he constant parks ON the footpath making parents with prams, the blind lady who has walked her route for 13 years that i know of make her change because he has thrown unpredictable road bucks in her path. FInally when we made a complaint about the music he came and dreamed and threatened to punch out Mr G screaming up the street everyone hated us....Call the police people need to be made responsible for their behaviours and speak to the neighbours they play a role in this too.

  17. Have you spoken to the neighbours? This is outrageous and either you or your neighbours need to call the police! HOUSE PAINT??? What if they had gotten the car? Or if the kids had been playing out there? It's ridiculous!
    Well, our car was broken into (I use the term loosely as it was unlocked) and had the kids DVD player and our GPS stolen. By kids! Friggen kids these days!


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