Thursday, October 13, 2011

My creative space

Guess what?! You are not going to believe it, but in the last week I actually made something! And not just one thing, but many! I can't believe it myself.

Last week we were busy making decorations for Cadens party, so we all got our craft on, we made Cardboard Cars for the kids to 'race' at the party and road signs and racing check bunting. And then I whipped up a skirt and two pairs of shorts out of Cars fabric for them to wear also.

You can see photo's of the day and our decorations here.

Then today I finally quilted my 'Dream On' quilt that I sandwiched together probably about 6 months ago! I thought I would give free motion quilting ago. I have only ever stuck with the easy option of straight line quilting and since it is only a lap quilt thought it would be easy enough.

I set myself up with plenty of bobbins ready and waiting...
I had my quilting books beside me in case I had a question...

And off I went...

Sorry for the dark photos, it is overcast here...
It's not perfect, but I am more than happy with it for a first go! I am planning on draping it over our couch for some bright summery goodness!

Now who wants to make a bet on how long it will take me to bind it??

I am linking up with Our Creative Spaces. Pop on over an check out all the creative goodness!


  1. You are so clever! I am not good with the sewing machine. Usually I sew whatever I'm making to whatever I'm wearing at the time!

  2. You clever duck! That is totally 'bright summery goodness'! I have no idea what 'binding' even means, but I think your procrastinating days are over so you will have it done over the weekend! x

  3. What a lovely quilt and well done with the freemotion! You know, I did a lap quilt about a yonk ago, and did sew the binding onto the front with the machine... but left the back for, oh, about 9 months. And then, when I actually handsewed it to finish, it took about one episode of House. So go to it, I say! Finish and feel the joy!

  4. Gorgeous colours and what a great idea to have multiple bobbins ready, I hate having to stop sewing to wind bobbins :-)

  5. Truly ruly brilliant. Cheery indeedy. That is one super duper lap quilt. Bravo!

  6. It's beautiful! I just ordered that book today, I borrowed it from the library and love it!


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