Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

1.  My favorite kind of animal is-

That is hard, but if I had to choose, I would say dogs.

One of our three dogs, with Mahli back in July
2.  Do you like your handwriting?

No, I am a lazy handwritter. If I take my time, I don't mind it but. In general no.

3.  What is the last movie you saw?
I watched Marmaduke yesterday with the kids. I haven't watched many movies lately. But I have a huge backlog waiting to be watched! And I need to get myself to the cinema to watch The Help! But I am trying to finish the book first. I am almost done though. I should hopefully finish it tonight.
4.  Do you buy things on eBay?

I do buy things on eBay, but I tend to do it in bursts. I can go ages without even looking there

5.  What did you have for lunch yesterday?

I had a Thermomix Demo yesterday, so I had:
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Garlic and Chive Dip with crackers
  • Beetroot Salad
  • Pumpkin Risotto
  • Bread
  • Lemon Custard

And it was all YUM!

I am playing along with Java today and linking up to the Meet Me On Monday linky. 


  1. That does sound a yummy lunch.
    Love your picture for Q1 - cute.

  2. Wow thermoix demo food sounds awesome.

    I was cooking something a while ago and hubby was talking about somethin a lady he o work for has "A cool machine that does EVERYTHING!!!" I told him I knew what it ws a thermomix, I had told him about them before and they were a bit $$$ he is clearly a gadget guy as he couldn't get past it doing so much. I swear he wants one and has never even seen it in action


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