Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm grateful for...

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 At 11pm last night the thunder rolled in and the lightning started, I waited with baited breath for one of the kids to wake, sure enough Caden walks into my room telling me the thunder is too loud for him to sleep. I take him back to his bed and explain everything is fine, he replies with I know Mum, its just too noisy!

We venture back to my room and he climbs in and is asleep within minutes! I lay awake waiting for the next one... and you know what it didn't happen. I didn't expect Mahli to wake, but Ethan is another story. He has been waking over night without fail for the last 6 months, after 3 months of sleeping through mind you! And you know what, he sleep through! It is the second night of great sleep from him, the night before he woke once and we also had a thunderstorm then too. So today I am grateful for thunderstorms that seem to keep my baby asleep! And yes, I know he is technically a toddler, but he is my baby and I will be milking the baby title for a long as possible.

We woke this morning to more thunder, lightning and heavy rain and Caden declared it a movie day. I am not complaining about that!

The radar an hour ago!
What are you grateful for today?

I am linking up with Maxabella Loves today. Pop on over and share in the gratefulness this weekend.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your movie day. Sounds peaceful and lovely. I think the news said the weather is clearing up there now. Hope the sun peaks thru soon :)

  2. love movie days!! enjoy the quiet time together. x

  3. I quite like a good thunder storm, but only if I am home.
    I hate driving in them, really dislike it.

  4. My son is genuinely fearful of storms and can't sleep through them even if he comes in with us. I'm glad your kids slept well and that you enjoyed a nice quiet day together afterwards!


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