Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Guest Post} Tutorial: Flying Geese Quilt Block

I am really pleased to have a very special guest post on the blog today. Shell from The Crafty Little Fox is sharing with us how to make a Flying Geese Quilt Block. I only heard of this type of quilt block through her blog, well I had seen them before but had no idea what they are called! I am a complete beginner at quilting so I am always learning something new. Anyway, I asked Shell if she would like to share with us how to do them and was so excited when she agreed. 

So without further ado, over to Shell...

What is a girl to do when she has designed a quilt that involved a Flying Geese border? Flying Geese blocks make me cringe. How do you work out what to cut and how much fabric you need?  Do you want to know how to make four at a time with minimum wastage?

First you need to decide on your fabrics.  Your ‘geese’ fabric is the fabric that will make up the middle triangle and the ‘sky’ fabric is the two corner triangles.  You will need one large square from the ‘geese’ fabric and four small ones from the ‘sky’ fabric. 

The large square needs to be the size of the finished width that you want the flying geese unit to be plus 1 ¼” and then four small squares that are the height of the finished block plus 7/8”.  For example, to get a 2” by 4” finished Flying Geese block, you will need a 5 ¼” geese square and four 2 7/8” sky squares.

Now to construct!  Lay your large square on the bench with the right side facing up.  Put two of the smaller squares on top, with right sides together, on opposite corners.  They will overlap a little bit but that is okay.  Draw a line from one corner to the other.  This is the cutting line.  Sew a scant ¼” either side of the line and then cut on the line. Press the seams out on the two halves. 

Half way there!  Take another one of your smaller squares and put it on top of the larger triangle of ‘geese’ fabric.

Repeat the process you did before: drawing a line diagonally across the square, sewing a scant ¼” and then cutting down the drawn line.

Press the seams open.  Ta Da!!  Two finished Flying Geese blocks!!

Repeat for the other half and you will have made four Flying Geese blocks all at once.

Just a couple of hints though.  Don’t make your seam allowances too large.  Make them on the skinny side of a ¼” other wise your finished blocks will be too small.  I also just checked with the ruler to see how square the finished blocks were. When you have made all your blocks cut the little ‘tails’ off.  This will make it easier to piece them together.  Hope this helps and that you make lots of great Flying Geese blocks.  Happy sewing.

Thank you so much for sharing Shell! I already have my fabric picked and will hopefully be making a few of these next week!

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