Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girl Talk

I am going to apologise for the TMI right now, but to put it bluntly I have my periods at the moment and well as any mother would know, going to the toilet on your lonesome is a rare occurrence. No matter how hard I try I am joined by at least one child once a day. So of course at this time of the month questions do seem to pop up from Mahli. Somehow Caden hasn't noticed anything really, he has seen my pads and tampons before when we are unpacking the shopping etc, but hadn't said anything. Mahli has always referred to them as Mummy's Nappies... lovely hey?!
Well last night she busted into my en-suite as I was getting undressed to have a shower (she was supposed to be in bed!) and she got all worried and asked "why is there blood Mummy"?

I simply said that I have my period at the moment and everything was fine and she seemed okay with this. But it got me thinking about having to explain it in more details. I am going to let her be my guide in when and how we talk about it, but I do know that I don't want to just ignore the issue like my mother did. I learnt about periods etc from school, it was never never talked about at home. When I got my period at 11 (almost 12) my mother just handed me some pads and left it at that. I want things to be different for Mahli. I want her to feel like she is able to talk to me about anything.

Have you had the girl talk with your daughter, what age do you think you should start talking about periods and puberty? Or do you live in a house of boys?

Did your mother talk to you about periods?

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  1. I have 3 daughters, aged 6, 5 and nearly 3. I haven't broached the subject yet, but they haven't really noticed. They know I use pads and liners, and they've seen me washing my cloth pads, but they've never really questioned it. It's just how things are.

    I'm going to leave it until age 9 or 10 if I can, because whatever I tell my eldest will be passed on via chinese whispers to the other two and I want to make sure they all have the maturity to deal with the information.

    Obviously if they ask questions before that I'll answer in an age appropriate manner, but I don't see any need to offer them information they're not seeking.

  2. I also have 3 girls, 10,8 & 3.

    I learnt about it at school, and my mum never really discussed it with me until i was 13 when I got my first period. (She did however leave special library books lying around for me to see)

    My girls know the basics. 2 of them wont ever get periods due to a genetic condition. but the one that will (Miss 8), understands a little bit.

    we've also had to explain why the cat is howling and sticking her butt in the air whenever she is touched this weekend. (Cat has been on heat)

  3. Actually, my father raised me, & when I first got mine, he was so amazing. He was calm, & took me to a cupboard in his room he had prepared with pads etc.

    And there was a little post it note with my Nanna (his Mother's) number, & I called her, & we spoke for an hour (or more), & I came out feeling very confident.

    I couldn't love my Dad more for the tactful way he handled it.

    It must have been hard for him ... :)

    Oh P.S I can't wait for menopause. I just hate periods :)


  4. Reading this I realise I have inherited my mother's "uptight" ness about this topic....I did think about this just recently and considered how i might handle this. Now i know i need to get myself sorted first i don't want the uptight crap to be passed on to my girl.
    Thanks for bringing this up

  5. @silne- Thanks for your comment! I agree, I am not going to be offering anything unless she does seek it. I will be following her lead, but she has started to ask some small q's. I am wondering how to answer them in an age appropriate way!

    @Mich- had to laugh at you explaining about your Cat being on heat. We have had to explain one of our dogs before...

    @Cherie- Your Dad sounds amazing! He did handle it so well, and good on your Nanna for talking to you about it too!

    @Miss Prudence- Your welcome :-)! Hope your talk goes well with your girl! I can totally understand your 'uptight"ness. I struggle with the same thing. I was brought up that way, but I am determined not to let it show and to work through it so it stops with me.

  6. I don't hide much from my toddler who is two-and-a-half but recently when my period returned seven months after giving birth, I realised this was something I wasn't quite ready to explain to her. I didn't want to freak her out with the blood. I just didn't want to expose her to it. I'm not sure when I'm ready to have the talk with her but I'll have to have some answers probably sooner than I am ready for.


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