Friday, September 9, 2011

Snow Day!

The kids have now seen snow for the first time and loved every bit ofit. Caden even suprised me by loving tobogganing so much. He spent four hours running up the hill and coming back down yahooing and telling me how awesome, cool and fun it was each time.

Mahli loved it too but tended to just run up and slide down 'the slippery dip' on he backside. This was usually accompanied by the sound of her going 'whee!'

They also built their snowman

Have you ever built a snowman before?


  1. The kids look so cute all bundled up! We had a 22 inch snowfall last winter and we did build several snowmen (we were snowed in for over a week!)...looks like the kids are having fun and I know it wore them out and they probably slept well!

  2. this looks so much fun and i feel so guilty to have not taken my brood to the snow when i hail from it! I am sure they will thank you next year when i take them xxx drive safely !

  3. We have been saying for ages we should take the kids to the snow.. Definitely next year! Although I am afraid some of my boys would love skiing and sounds like an expensive pastime!

  4. I live in Blayney NSW and it snows here alot so we get to built them all the time. My son and i built his first one this year. he is 18 months old. soo cute. It looks like you had a ball


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