Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random Road Tripping Thoughts...

Road signs near Mackay
Do you think of random things on the LONG drive home from holidays? I do! We have just arrived home from an overnight trip to Mackay and today whilst driving home some strange thoughts popped up in my head and I thought I would share them with you:
  • What kind of road kill do they have in the UK, or anywhere other than Australia really?! - I thought this after seeing the 1 millionth dead kangaroo... we also seen 1 pig, 1 eagle and a few things two small to be able to figure out what they originally were. Whilst down south we seen a lot of wombats and a few sheep. Roadkill makes me sad :-(
  • Next time we are flying!
  • Man that's a huge bull- It was massive and scary looking!
  • Why do Brahmans have humps? 
  • I also spent hours dreaming about moving off my small suburban block and onto acreage. B just did his usual and rolled his eyes at me.
See nothing overly thought inspiring. We are all over travelling now for at least the next 12 months. The kids really didn't want to get into the car yesterday and were rather painful on the trip home today.

And anther nagging road sign...
On a side note I also have a late grateful for this week. I am grateful that they have finally started widening the Bruce Highway north of us! If they hadn't off we probably would have witnessed or been involved in a very bad accident. A big ass truck just in front of us decided to overtake a small ass truck just as a 4WD was coming in the other direction. Thankfully the shoulders were wide enough on both side to accommodate all the vehicles or it could of been nasty!


  1. Definitely should be gratful no accidents. It is my fear as we do most of that drive a couple of times a year.

    I had to laugh at the road kill comment too. This is how hubby saw his first koala & echidna. When people drive up to visit (and swear they will never do it again and want to know why we moved so far away) I always tell them they will see more dead roos on the road than other vehicles.


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