Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ooh! that's

I thought I would play along with Tina and share some of my pins from Pinterest this week. If you haven't heard of Pinterest you MUST go check it out!

This week pretty much all my pins have been birthday party related. Caden's birthday party is in two weeks since his birthday fell on the school holidays, so I have two weeks to create a non tacky Cars 2 themed party!

How cool are these?!

Have you seen anything like these drink dispensers in Oz? They are from Bed Bath and Beyond and they don't ship here :-(

He won't be getting a cake like this! But how cool is it??

Do you think his party will be non tacky enough if I use these pins as inspiration?

What have you been pinning this week? Pop on over to Tina's to check out what everyone has been lusting after this week!


  1. Cool!!! My youngest son would love all of this. He's a bit of a Cars man too!

  2. Not exactly the same but try this site. I hve been looking for a reason to justify purchasing one.

  3. That link is dangerous Rosie!

    All three of my kids are Cars mad Jac!

    @Gemma- they are a lot of work too! But seeing all the kids having fun is certainly worth it.

  4. Ooh wow can I come to the party too if he's having that cake!! It looks awesome!!!

  5. These pins are great, I think he is going to have a great party! My boys would love a Cars themed birthday

  6. Awesome finds, love the antifreeze and the motor oil idea and that cake is just amazing!

  7. That is too cool! I'm loving the anti freeze and motor oil idea :)

    Thanks for linking up x


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