Thursday, September 15, 2011

Online Shopping, Oh How I Love Thee!

We have just arrived back from our holidays and spent part of the time in many places that we would call "the big smoke" I indulged in a little bit of retail therapy and you know, as much as I like shopping in an actual retail store, I was still left thinking how much easier it is to just shop online in the comfort of my home.

I was in Jeanswest in Canberra last week where I was spending up big as I was lucky enough to win a $500 gift voucher as a part of a Jeans for Genes day promo over at Digital Parents. There were two retail assistants in store and not once was I approached whilst browsing. The only time I was spoken to was when I approached the counter to leave some stuff there whilst I continued to look. This assistant was friendly and pleasant but another walked up and said to me wow that's a lot of stuff, and your still going?! It was said in an abrupt tone, it made me feel embarrassed and I quickly finished up and left. I did mention to her that I had a voucher for my purchases and she just nodded at me, no smile no nothing, but I still felt like I had to explain myself to her why? who knows, but it really reminded me why I liked online shopping. I can browse freely, there is help if I need it via email in most cases and I don't have to wrestle with the kids whilst doing it.

Places like Birdsnest have really embraced the online shopping world and I buy from them regularly, in fact I purchased from them yesterday and just received an email saying my items where posted yesterday and I should have them tomorrow (damn you 2 day express network!)

I also shop at Just Jeans, Sportsgirl, Country Road even Jeanswest online.

Do you shop online? What do you rather, online or in-store? Have you shopped at Birdsnest? If not you have to check it out! I was majorly peeved at Hubby last week when we were driving through Cooma and he wouldn't stop. It is one store that I would think would be even better in-store. They go out of there way to make online shopping a really pleasant experience, so I can only imagine how great they would be if you where in-store!

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