Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Not So Creative Space

Usually on a Thursday I would be linking up with everyone over at Our Creative Spaces, I haven't done so since before we went on holidays, probably about a month has gone by without me linking up and I am really not liking that fact at all. I haven't really done any creating or crafting since we left for holidays, sure I did some knitting in the the car, but that's it. This makes me sad. I have a HUGE pile of WIPs and a huge list of things I want to make and just no time to do it.

Yeah I have time to write this blog post right now. But I am doing it whilst sitting at the dinning table while the kids eat lunch, I can hardly sew while they eat lunch, a food fight would probably ensue if I left them unattended with food.

So all you crafty folk out there how the bloody hell do you find the time? Especially those of you with young kids! I am thinking sacrificing sleep will probably be the universal answer to that question!

And you know what makes me even more sad, B is flying out tomorrow for a week of training in Brissie, so this means even less time for me!

Sorry for the pity party. I promise it will be over soon. We are all turning into birthday mode as it is Cadens 5th Birthday tomorrow! Man that has gone fast!

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  1. I so know what you mean! I just packed up my sewing table and there were about 20 different projects half way through or yet to be started . . . such is life with kids! Let me know when you find the answer to this predicament! :D

  2. I find time to get things done after The Smalls are in bed. They are usually tucked up by 7pm and then I am free!!

  3. I have a million unfinished projects on the go. I have just started to crochet another scarf, it will probably by ready by winter 2020!!


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