Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Creative Space

So after getting jack of not actually making anything for AGES I put Ethan to bed last night and dragged the two eldest down to my sewing area and gave myself 30 minutes to make something, anything! I settled on two pillowcases for some narrow cushions on my bed. And 30 minutes later I ended up with these:

I would show them to you on the bed properly, but there is still one child asleep in it!

I felt so much better for completing something and not neglecting Jan the Janome (original name huh?!)

So I thought I would list all my uncompleted projects (that I can remember) in the hope that it spurs me on to finish them!
  • Dream On quilt
  • Give a hoot quilt top
  • Twisty snood- knitting
  • Tea Cosy- Knitting
  • Hoot in the Forest Quilt top
  • Cadens Bit of Whimsy John Doll
Projects I need to start and finish in the next week are:

  • Dress for Mahli
  • Pair of Shorts with matching top for both Caden and Ethan
I am also taking part in Diary of a Flutter.Kat's Scrappy Swap so have to commit some time to that soon too!

So for the first time in about a month I am linking up to Our Creative Spaces. Hopefully all the craftiness spurs me on some more!

Have you made anything lately?


  1. I am chuckling because I too "out" my unfinished projects on my blog from time to time in a hope that it will motivate me to complete something!

    Loving the pillows. Cute!

  2. Ahh... I know that feeling oh so well!

  3. love the fabric you've chosen. It's so good to get your craft back on!

  4. They look great, I sometimes find the thought of getting started on something harder than actually getting it done. It's hard to find the time with littlies too, by the time they go to be and I do a quick clean up I'm usually to exhausted to do anything else. I like the sound of your list!

  5. Not bad for 30 minutes! I wish I had a list of unfinished sewing projects. Mine is simply a list of "I wish I was doing" sewing projects.


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