Monday, September 19, 2011

{Guest Post} Hazel from Assiting U Virtually

Tonight I have Hazel from Assiting U Virtually, guest posting for me. She asked if she could share some tips for small business to take control of their businesses and be on the right track to success. I know many of you do have small business so thought I would share Hazel's tips with you.
Keeping your Business Focus
Assisting U Virtually ‘Outsourcing’
Preparing your business

Whenever you commence a business it takes a lot of know-how to make it successful. You
may have a great idea but how do you back-up that great idea with the resources needed to
make it a success?

The kind of resources needed for any small business include:

- administrative & secretarial support
- bookkeeping & accounting support
- a marketing/business coach
- graphic designer
- legal support

The above resources can be obtained by small business without the need to employ
personnel on a full time permanent basis.

How does this assist your business?

Hiring full time staff can be very expensive for a new business owner, as can taking the time to
teach them "your ways".

Use specialist individuals who can assist you with those cumbersome duties so that you can
move forward and make your business a success.

You should always remain the forefront of your new business venture and have other qualified
individuals focus on ensuring the success of that business.

Costs are an important factor when starting or continuing a business and these costs can be
cut when hiring individual businesses to assist you.

Outsource the administrative, bookkeeping, graphics and more instead of doing it yourself or
hiring someone permanently to do it.

Once your business is up and running, you can then feel more comfortable in hiring someone
to assist you.

© Hazel Theocharous
Assisting U Virtually
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