Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 and a half days down...

I'd rather be here!

and 3 and a half days to go!

B had to go away for work last Friday. He doesn't get back till Friday night this week and let me tell you I want him home now!

Things were going great guns until this morning. The house has been cleaner (thus confirming my suspicions that he does create a lot of mess, even though he denies it!), we have had no fights between Caden and him over what they are going to watch on TV, I have even had way more room in the bed when the kids inevitably climb in to join me. But I have been grossly outnumbered, 3 to 1. Ethan has been waking more at night and I can't just ask B to help with this, so I am TIRED!

But back to this morning. I was woken by the garbage truck. Then came to the quick realisation that I forgot to put the bins out! So out Caden and I dashed to put both bins out and then I discovered it was the recycling truck which usually comes in the afternoon, so I have everything crossed that it has switched routes with the normal rubbish and it comes this afternoon or I am stuffed, that bin is FULL and STINKY! Oh and I should also mention that I was wearing my bright pink Elmo pjs and really bad bed hair! I apologies to my neighbours for that sight!

Fast forward about half and hr and I was putting on a load of washing when I heard something smash in the kitchen. Caden had left a cupboard open and Ethan helped him self to some bowls... lets just say the bowls didn't make it.

Then we have the fact that when I went to hang out the washing there is a family of magpies hanging out on my clothes line... That load is now drying on my airer inside! I really don't feel like getting swooped today.

Caden and Mahli have also been annoying each other so so much today and if I hear one of them scream followed by the other one saying it was an accident again, I think I will be the one screaming!

And just to top it off I just got Ethan up from his nap where he has taken of his nappy and peed right through the cot! So another load of washing to be done today and no clothes line to hang it on unless the peksy magpies fly away.

So as I said 3 and a half days until I can get a break, that is unless I go crazy before hand. Please let the day get better. The last three days have been really good! Can't it just be like that again??? Please.

I bow down to all single parents and those of you that hubby's work away! B does shift work (a day/night roster) and that is bad enough for me.
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