Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Selections

So I have been living under a rock and have only just come across the blog Frog Ponds Rock and on Sundays Kim hosts this fab linky called Sunday Selections where you unearth a selection of photo's to share with everyone.

It is great timing for me too as the kids and I went browsing through are archives on the computer this week.

Here are a few I would love to share with you. They are off all the three kids at about the same age



Mahli with my grandparents

Ethan with my Grandmother

Pop on over to Frog Ponds Rock to share in the Sunday Selections.


  1. What gorgeous children you have Amy. Those cheeks are kissalicious!

  2. You know what I find amazing, is that so many kids today get to meet their great-grandparents. I only had one living great grandparent and she was in the UK, but Miss 4 met all of my grandparents in her lifetime. Amazing.

    Oh, and cute kiddies :)

  3. I am smiling here. A great big grin. Thank you for sharing your photos of your lovely children. :)


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