Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CLOSED {Review & Giveaway} Country Style Magazine

I have a confession, I am a magazine hoarder, I am one of those people that keep back issues, just in case... In case of what exactly? Who knows. My little  large stash of magazine has been cause for dispute between B and I. He doesn't understand why people purchase magazines (or even books, but that is another vent). He isn't a reader, he loves his footy and cars, but buy him a magazine of that genre and it will go unread. He does read newspapers but that's about it.

So he put a limit on my magazine purchasing, meaning I can only purchase 2 mags a month. Yes you have that right, two magazines! For a WHOLE month. So when I got an email from the lovely Suze at Morey Media offering me a copy of this months Country Style I was all excited.

I do love Country Style, but I don't regularly buy it as I rotate my magazine purchases.... (that damn purchasing limit!) I got even more excited when I seen what this months main articles were!

  • RED, WHITE … OR GREEN WINE: Appealing to the ‘contemplative wine drinker and the contemplative environmentalist’, Rob Ingram prepares to save the world, one drink at a time;
  • WISE WORDS FROM SALLY WISE: Well-known author of five cookbooks Sally Wise is famous for her love of preserving but also for her knack over being able to ‘make-over’ leftovers into simple, mouth-watering dishes for tonight's dinner- something I’m sure that she perfected whilst raising her six (now grown-up) children! In this month’s issue of Country Style, we take a peek at her house as she serves up lunch and shares her love of cooking: “I love to cook with wild abandon and that’s the beauty of it- once I start, away it goes and I don’t like to stop to tidy up,” she says.

  •  BLESSINGS COUNTED – Beeac, rural Victoria: Country Style magazine visits the home of interior decorator and mother of three, Genevieve Buchanan in the village of Beeac in rural Victoria
The above are just the main articles that grabbed my attention, I love me a good drop of wine on occasion, Sally Wise and her passion for preserving and creating from scratch is something I aspire too and I love checking out other people homes.

There is also there is a free heart cross-stitch pattern. I am a beginner at cross-stitch so I was excited by this two. I haven't started yet, but will be giving it a go on the weekend so I will share it with you next week.

Okay enough with all the details! You probably want to know what I am giveaway away?? Well the lovely people from Country Style Magazine have given me two copies of the August Issue of Country Style Magazine to Giveaway. 

To enter simply do the following:
  • Comment on this post
  • If you would like more entries you can tweet, facebook or blog (or all three) about this giveaway.
  • If doing any other the above for extra entries can you tag @MahliMoo on both twitter and facebook so I can keep track and also comment back here on this post telling me you have done so.
That about sums it up. Entries will close midnight Monday 22nd of August and the winner will be drawn and notified Tuesday 23rd of August.


  1. I love Country style and I have a few issues going back a few years.
    It gives me inspiration for my future country lifestyle :).

  2. I shared on Facebook and I am a compulsive hoarder of all magazines (think 20 years +)

  3. Ah yes, the magazine ban, this is me, total ban though. So I would love a copy to have a read of.

  4. I love all the country magazines, and have a large collection, including more than a few Country Style!

  5. Ooohhh I love Country Style Mag but sadly I never sem to get a chance to read it anymore. Fingers crossed.

  6. I love Country Style, I'm a magazine hoarder too. i have soooooo many mags. Fingers crossed I can win this one.

  7. I'm a big magazine reader... as in 2-3 new ones a week and then the monthly ones that come out!! I love Country Style, especially as hubby and I practically live in the country!!

  8. Oh this looks so good I would love to read this magazine. I am a hoarder too I have lost count of how many kids/baby/family magazines I have. I love a looking at the ads and products, no surprise there! :)

  9. I love me a drop of good wine too...especially when it comes with on the couch time with a magazine :)
    My Hubby is totally over my magazine hoarder habits :)

  10. Don't enter me Amy as I already have that copy but I just wanted to say that this is my all time favourite magazine!! It feeds my longing to make a tree change which is likely to never happen :)


  11. Only TWO magazines a month?! Travesty! My latest obsession is quilting mags... they're all over the floor next to my bed!

  12. thankyou Amy for a chance to win

  13. Oh I don't know this mag but it looks great! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  14. I love mags too! But can't always justify the price so I get my fix of Country Style from my local library! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love your blog. thank you for this chance.hugs from Italy

  16. Hello Amy,

    Oh my favourite Country Style magazine. I usually borrow this from our library so to have my own to keep would be heaven.
    Hope you have a great weekend.


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