Saturday, August 20, 2011

Really, Ken?? I find that hard to believe...

Okay, excuse my ranting, I know I have been doing a bit of it this week, but really I am cranky.

So, anyway I signed this petition on Tuesday night:

GetUp! Marriage Equality

It simply states this:

Yesterday at Parliament House in Canberra Bob Katter MP said the idea of same-sex marriage "deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed". He was joined by Labor MP John Murphy, who said, "My electorate accepts that all people are equal, but my electorate also accepts, in fact rejects, that not all relationships are equal."

The event's keynote speaker topped them all, saying: "It won't stop at homosexual marriage - look for polygamy and marriage between adults and children to be legalised. There is no greater dream for a paedophile than to be able to legally acclaim a child as his lover."

We have to fight this sentiment by demanding an end to the disgraceful discrimination that actively excludes members of our community from demonstrating their love through marriage.

If you believe in the statement on the right, hit your post code and send and you'll join the chorus of Australians calling for equality. Your local MP will be sent a note letting them know that you've done so and want them to stand up for equality also.

 Not two minutes later this email arrives in my inbox:

Thank you for your e-mail.

I am sorry I cannot agree with your views or statements.

The overwhelming majority of the people in the electorate of Flynn do not support change to the marriage act.

90% of the people in my electorate who have contacted my office do not wish to see any change at all.

I will be voting in accord with their views.

The current arrangement of civil unions does not deny same sex couple from any legal rights.  They can and do distribute their assets.

Regards  Ken O’Dowd

Federal Member for Flynn
Ph: (07) 49725465
Fax: (07) 49720888
Mob: 0418357777

Ken O'Dowd - Getting Things Done in Flynn
Now two things piss me off about this email.
  1. Seeing that it arrived in quick succession to me signing the petition his office have obviously set up an automatic response for the petition email. This means two things to me (And I may be wrong), but just maybe they had been receiving enough of these emails to validate the need for an automatic response and therefore maybe the % in the above email is affected by this fact.
  2. 90% off my electorate??? Really Ken! What world are you living in? 
I really have nothing more to say that will make any sense. To say that our countries politicians have left me angry and dumbfounded all week is an understatement. I don't think I have ever felt this angry at a politician ever and I am 'straight' and in a 'normal' marriage.

End Rant.


  1. Ha. Brilliant. I received that email from Get Up too.

    Yes an automated response is ridiculous. Let me ask you this, the MP's were supposed to go around and ask their electorate what they thought. Were you ever approached to have your opinion heard? Or is Get Up the only way you were able to express your thoughts to your local MP.

    Because if you weren't heard, then Ken O'Dowd did a lousy job and his 90% statistic is flawed.

    Well done Amy. Fight the good fight.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  2. Really, I had no idea that they were supposed go around ask their electorate. To tell you the truth I have heard nothing from my MP since he has gone into office.

    Get Up is the only way I was able to express my thoughts. I had tried to contact him through his website last week, but to be able to do so I had to not only provide an email address, but a home address and home phone number... over kill if you ask me.

  3. don't let ken get out of this so easily - write to his office and ask him how he arrived at that figure, what the research using qualitative or quantative data? Ask him a battery of questions and keep emailing until you get an answer....after all he is accountable to you the voter!

  4. I am trying to draft and email to him Lynda, but not sure on the wording exactly. I don't want to sound like a fool, so it is taking a while. Do you have any tips?

  5. Ah you see, it's 90% of the people who contact the office, from your electorate, remember, the haters out there are vocal ones!! You'll increase that 10% if you rally support. Love Posie

  6. Ha ha I first met Mr O'Dowd t a function last year prior to the election. My comment to a co worker was, I can imagine him leaning on the bar at a pub with a schooner in one hand resting on his stomach, not as a representitive of our region at a local level.

    My opinion hasn't changed much.

  7. An automated email? Are they serious? They seriously need to remember that they are "representative" of the people. I find it so upsetting that this issue is just being whitewashed and ignored by our politicians

  8. I know Kate, as you can probably tell it has left me fuming!

  9. 90% of your electorate hey, so that's 9 out of 10 people........If it was me (because I love to prove a point), I would personally stand down at the local shopping centre and ask the next 10 people I saw if they agreed or disagreed with equal marriage rights. I would be SIMPLY AMAZED if 9 out of 10 people disagreed - and then I might even film the experience, or get them to sign a form. And I would have immense satisfaction in dropping that information off to Mr O'Dowd's office. What a tosser - yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but making up bullshit statistics like that one is just dishonest and condescending.

  10. Gee your politicians left out it would lead to marrying out of our species, and marrying inanimate objects (blow-up dolls) and ultimatly -

    bring down cicilization as we know it! (maybe not a completly bad idea)
    Also cranky - The Cranky Old Man

  11. I am cranky with Ken and all the other backwards thinking pollies. What is the big deal? Cranky old man made me laugh! Is that the counter-argument? Scared. Thanks for Rewinding x


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