Thursday, August 18, 2011

My creative space...

So as you may or may not have read, we a busy planning our holiday that is happening in just two short weeks. For part of our holiday we will be staying with my Nanna, aka the crochet extraordinaire in the family, so I have been stocking up on patterns and wool so I can exploit her talents whilst I am away. She is all excited by this because apparently none of my family that live near her care for her crocheted goodies, I have always told her we would love anything that she would like to send our way.

So I have stocked up on these books

and my wool pile is over flowing,

B has no idea I am planning on taking that much wool with me, but hey I figure I can smuggle it into the car!

Who taught you your crafty skills? Did you learn from your Grandmother/s and Mother? Did you teach yourself? I am majorly self taught, with a little input by my Granny and Nanna. My Mum can stand craft except maybe a little but of cross-stitch.

I am linking up with Our Creative Spaces today. Pop on over and bask in all the crafty glory!


  1. My nana taught me the very basic stitches of knitting and crochet when I was younger but I never had an interest in pursuing it. Fast forward a decade and becoming a mum with a hunger to dress my children in handmade and having no choice but to reteach myself. I taught myself to knit and sew from books borrowed from the library and a friend retaught me how to crochet earlier this year.
    Me and my children now attend a craft group ran by a bunch of elderly women and I devour any information I can get from them...what was once a lost art is sure making it's revival :)


  2. Yay, my grandmothers Edna & Alice (who i named my wholesale vintage label Edna&AliceMay after) were amazing seamstresses & could turn their hands to anything, other than cooking (high 5 grandmas, ditto) & my mother had all their tools (like 1890 industrial Singer sewing machine) to play with & in turn, taught all of us. I think it's often just abosrbed, craftyness?? Love Posie

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  4. My Dad taught me to knit! Just the basic stuff. The rest I learnt . . . wait for it . . .on YouTube! As for crochet, I can do a simple chain, but that's about it. Looking forward to seeing your holiday creations :)

  5. Creating things with your two hands is amazing. I enjoy it, because it gives me a certain sense of satisfaction that it was my effort and talent that lead to it!


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