Thursday, August 11, 2011

My creative space

Not much exciting has been happening in my creative space this week! Only the hemming of several pairs of new jeans for me (because I am a shorty) and the cutting out of fabric in preperation for sewing the kids some clothes. My time has been limited to shorts bursts of activity when ever I can sneak into the dungeon that is my sewing area... aka half of the garage.

I thought a photo of hemmed jeans would be pretty boring so thought I would share this awesome pin cushion with you... I don't own it but wish I did.
How to you find the time to create? Do you stay up late at night and miss out on precious minutes or hours of sleep??

My batting did arrive for my quilts late last week so hopefully I can get at least one basted and start quilting in over the next few days, but I won't hold my breath. B is working overtime today (he works a rotating day/night shift roster) and doesn't finish work until Tuesday morning next week so not sure how much I will fit in...

I haven't really had time for much over the past week. I need one of those time travel watches the Hermione has in Harry Potter!

Pop on over to  Our Creative Spaces for so creative gorgeousness...

{image source: wehearit}


  1. I want that pin cushion too!! Finding it hard to squeeze in sewing time here too - not enough hours in the day!

  2. that pincushion is awesome! i hope you will be able to find some time for creating and making :) xx

  3. Time...I wish I had more of it too...hemming jeans is a necessity though so good for you getting it done.

  4. Oh yes a time machine is at the very top of my wish list too. Love that pin cushion! Haha, it's the cutest I've ever seen! : )

  5. I would love hermione's watch too.... at the moment I loose sleeptime, just so I can get my creative hit... though knitting is good, because I can watch kids, tv and drop it and pick it up at a whim... I even get to school early so that I can get a fews rows knitted, before chaos starts all over again. Love that pin cushion!


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