Monday, August 29, 2011

#Mondays Suck

today anyway...

I always struggle to blog on Mondays, today is really no different. I feel blergh, the kids are driving me mental and we have so much stuff to do.

I really want to just run far far away right now.

Caden is onto his 5th time out already this morning. He knows what he is doing is wrong because as soon as I start counting he is off to his bed for his 4 mintues. But do you think that is working? Nope, he just keep doing things. Mainly something to do with his sister.

Mahli has been sick all weekend and last night her temps reached over 40 degrees. We did get them back down with a combination of nuerofen and panadol but she isn't a happy camper.

And their screaming at each other has woke Ethan from his morning nap.

And really all I am thinking right now is the lyrics of Beyonces new song.
That's another vent. What is with popular music these days with lines like "Sucks to be you right now"! Really something I want my 4 year hearing.

Ugh, I have washing to hang out so we actually have clothes to pack for our holidays.


What are you up to today?


  1. Ugh, my Mondays are usually pretty cruisey because Roo is at childcare, but Tuesdays are always feral around here! She takes the twins' toys, they hit her, they all end up in time out in different ends of the house, and end up just crawling/walking out of time out whenever they please, most often well under their allotted time. Just ugh, I know just how you feel!

  2. My Monday is especially ouchy this morning as I had very little sleep and an early start. CrashBoy won't nap - I am doomed.

  3. Mine is bittersweet... I almost got to do relief teaching, but I passed it onto my mum as per a sorta agreement (it's complicated). Which basically means at this rate I'll never get to teach at this school. Grr :( But I have had a lovely day anyway so far, and will hopefully be Skyping Ben soon!!

  4. I try to think that Mondays are the same as any other day, but they just aren't, are they!! I do know that I am always tireder than any other evening on a Monday evening. Wiped. x

  5. I am a long time loather of Mondays so I feel your pain! I always imagined that once I left the (paid) working world this would become a thing of the past... WRONG!

    Hope some sort of equilibrium has returned x

  6. Sounds familiar. Weekends are always busy around here so I usually want a "home day" on Mondays. We make it to about mid-morning before that seems like a really bad idea and I end up dragging myself and everyone out of the house for a walk (or turn on the TV, although I'm trying to cut down screen time)


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