Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am grateful for... Laughter

When things start to feel like groundhog day it's the little things that can put a spring in my step.

The kids doing something so natural to them, but so cute and funny to me. Somethings this week have been:

  • Caden showing me his new Kung-Fu moves (When I got the camera out he stopped!)
  • Mahli practising a new song and dance. The words were repetivie only the lines of 'Butterfly, Butterfly round and round' as she was jumping around and attempting to do the splits.
  • Ethan 'head-banging' to vintage U2 from the 80's. He is 14 mths old! I have no idea where he learnt that.
My dogs even made me laugh this week. I looked out side yesterday to find my Black Lab asleep on his back with ourminiature Dachshund sleeping across his neck. I went to get the camera and when I came back Remy (the mini doxie) had moved along, so I took a photo on Angus anyway cause he looked pretty funny.

The first few were through the window as usually if I opened the door he leaps up and greets me, but then I thought, I would give it a go and low and behold he stayed asleep, I managed to get right next to him before he noticed I was there.

Sorry for the photo overload! Especially since they are all of Angus!
I am linking up with Maxabella loves Grateful linky.

What are you Grateful for today??


  1. Oh to be stretched & care free as that puppy, dreamy. Love the music & action in your household, love Posie

  2. Angus is so cute! Your kids sound it as well! I remember subjecting my mum to many a "concert" where I had made up a song and a dance...

  3. I love when kids make you laugh! Angus is cute too :) I love labs, they are such good dogs.

  4. It's those little moments, isn't it! Life can be such fun, any time, any time!! x


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