Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Help me plan our trip... pretty please

So we head of in just over 3 weeks on our trip to the snow... well not really just to the snow. It is a driving holiday with a lot of destinations. 1st stop is Dubbo to visit the zoo. We are driving the 14 hrs from here to Dubbo in one day and then visiting the zoo on day 2 of our trip then heading off to Canberra after our day at the zoo.

We will spend four days with my family is Canberra then head off to Jindabyne for three days of snow filled fun... Here is the part I need help with. I have no idea where to go and what to do once we reach Jindy! Can you help???
The kids just want to play in the snow, I have warned them about how wet and cold it will be, but they are all keen for spending three days making snow men! Can you tell me the best place for that would be. We are thinking of doing the tobogganing etc at Perisher on one of the days, and B might go skiing for a bit, but apart from that I am lost.

After Jindy we are heading back to Canberra for a day or two then up to Newcastle to visit B's sister and my Aunty then heading home slowly up the coast, possibly stopping on the Sunshine coast to visit Aussie world. Caden did request a trip to Sea world and Dreamworld. But we went last year and are not keen on stopping in there during the first week of QLD school holidays.

So can you help me? Where should we be heading once we reach Jindy? The kids are 1, 3 & almost 5.

Do you have any tried and tested on the road snack recipes? 

How do you keep the kids entertained on long road trips?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for your help (Please help me!)

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  1. No advice, but heaps of good wishes. Hope you all have the BEST time.

  2. Amy hope you all have the best time! My kids were bigger when we went North and we didn't do the snow but did visit Dubbo zoo.(it was great)

    I Spy is a great game for kids in the car. If they can cope with it take some books for reading, colouring books,plenty of kid friendly music.Kids love to sing usually. Get the kids to look out for a red car/blue car etc as a time filler. We didn't have one but some people have dvd players that are affixed to the back of the car seat.Card games for kids? (Memory type games)We did buy a couple of special travel games but our children were slightly older.

    Remember to stop often for little ones to stretch and have a run around, keep them hydrated and keep an icecream container (or 3) and a towel in the car in case of car sickness. (Or give travel sickness meds before hand if you think it is a possibility) Take plenty of wet wipes.Have a change of clothes for each child handy just in case.

    My thoughts are that plain water is best for drinks in the car but ginger beer can help settle queasy tummies.(Milky drinks and juice seem to bring on car sickness in my kids)

    I am sure you will get lots of helpful suggestions. It is a long drive and I know my kids were thoroughly sick of the travel by the time we got to where we were going but I think stopping often helps even though it adds time to the length of your journey.Try to plan your days so they are broken up with fun things even if it's just stopping for an impromptu picnic somewhere.:)
    Don't forget to take lots of photos!

  3. Maybe back to Canberra? There are some nice things there - Tidbinbilla where the emus some right up to you. The War Memorial (truly magnificent for everyone) Sciencworks - totally cool for kids. There are nice shops there and you could even pop into Posie Patchwork's place of work in the city and meet some bloggers! And there is HEAPS more things to do and the heating in the buildings will be GOOD!


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