Monday, August 22, 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs- Record

I am linking up with Naomi of Seven Cherubs today as apart of her Cherish your Cherubs project. This week is week 1 and she has simply asked us to record some moments with our Cherubs. Eg; What are the loving right now.

What are your cherishing about your cherubs right now?


  1. If you click on Mahli's picture you can read it fine. I too have an experimental dresser! If I hadn't called her CrashGirl, it would have been Punky Brewster ;)
    Your records are so creative. How did you do them?

  2. Clicked on Mahli's picture and read it that way :). Great kids! We have Toy Story fans here too. Call me crazy but I love opinionated children (which is good because I have one or two, or so of those)!

  3. I love these photo records. Just gorgeous.

  4. very clever how you did these, they look great.

  5. Gorgeous scrapping photo records amy.
    My boys love hide n seek at the moment and Cars 2 and Toy story and OCTONAUTS !
    One of mine is bossy and opinionated too - his way or the high way !

  6. Wow, these are really impressive. Fabulous job! Very clever indeed.
    I have someone who's super excited about turning four, so can totally relate to that one. :)

  7. Love what you have put together for us to read. Looks excellent and I love what you have shared about your cherubs. They are totally gorgeous and what a lovely record to look back on. Thanks so much for linking up. N x


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