Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Am I a crazy over-protective Mum??

I wasn't going to post about this, but after sleeping on it, I really need to know what others think.

Caden was sick again over the weekend. Come Monday morning his temp had returned to normal, but was still a bit off colour, but there was no snot, vomit or anything like that. So he headed off to kindy. Excited about the day. The Teachers aide (Mrs K) asked about our weekend and I let her know that Caden hadn't been well again and could she just keep an eye on him as he had told me that he wouldn't tell Miss K or Mrs K if he wasn't feeling well in case I would come get him. He wanted to stay for the whole day... She said that was fine and she would check on him through out the day and ask how he was feeling.

I went about my day and didn't hear anything so just assumed all was fine. Fast forward to pick up I arrived and as I walked in the door I heard Miss K say Caden you can go, I looked around and couldn't see him until I found him sleeping in his kindy bed (The rest of the class was on the mat). I woke him and we packed everything up. I needed to speak to Miss K about science day as we would be late on that day due to an appointment and then just asked how he was during the day. She said he was fine. A little bit quiet, but fine. He had a good rest but didn't sleep... yep you read right, his teacher told me he didn't sleep. When I said he had because I just woken him up she was unsure, and just said oh okay.

There were 6 kids not at kindy yesterday, so only 17 there... and she had no idea that Caden was still sleeping whilst they were having mat time.

Don't get me wrong, I love his teachers, he enjoys his time at kindy and I am so happy with how things are going there and the activities that they do, but really is it to much for me to ask that his teacher actually know the wear-a-bouts of all students especially when they are all inside the classroom??? She thought he was sitting on the carpet area with everyone else as evident by me hearing the "Caden you can go" upon me entering the room.

So am I being one of the silly over-bearing protective mothers, or do I have a reason to be slightly... concerned I guess the word is for it? We are only new to the school/care experience seeing as Caden is only 4. So I have no idea what to expect.

Edit: Apparently I am defiantly a Mum who can't spell... Can't even spell protective right in the title! Opps.


  1. yep. I'll go out on a limb and smack you. Sounds like she was confused. if he isn't screaming about going to kindy every day, I wouldn't be worried at all. seriously.

  2. Amy, I agree with you completely! As a parent,you put the care and safety of your child in their hands when you leave them at school or kinder. I think it is only reasonable that the teacher is aware of where the children are. I can understand that out in the playground, with kids running around and playing, that teachers cannot see everything, we wouldnt expect them too. But in the classroom, when they are all (supposedly) sitting on the mat, I would expect them to know that someone is missing! If it was me, I would go and speak to the teacher again, maybe after session, when things are not so crazy, and say you are concerned that the other day you weren't aware that Caden was sleeping and she thought he was on the mat. She what her response is. I think our teachers do a fabulous job, but again, you leave your children in what you think are capable hands.
    Good luck, I hope this makes you feel a little better :-) Fiona T

  3. It is basic stuff - the teacher should have known a) where your child was and b) that your child was asleep. As to how to approach the topic with the teacher....maybe start with positives and then voice your concerns.

  4. I can see how your feeling upset with the situation but I know if it was one of mine, I'd be happy they were having a nap!! That's such a hassle to get them to sleep at home during the day at that age!

    I agree with Gemma, she might have just been confused but yes she should know where all her kids are in her classroom at all tine!

    Try not to stress to much about it and hope it doesn't happen again so you don't stress about it :)


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