Monday, July 25, 2011

What some people don't get

Yes, everything may seem fine when you are reading someones blog, but behind the scenes there are usually many things going on. I mean not the whole of my life makes this blog. For one, it would be mightily boring if it did and two, I do like some privacy.

So some things that I haven't told you:

  • Ethan got his 12 month needles last week (3 weeks late as he had to get over his croup first)
  • This in turn has made him irritable and not sleeping for the past 4 days
  • My Anxiety is giving me hell and leaving the house is a real effort
  • I am trying out some new treatments for my PND, but I am taking a beating until they kick in
  • Mahlis new trick is to barter her way out of things, be it only eating 4 mouthfuls of dinner instead of the whole lot, or only doing 1 job instead of two. Even down to whether or not we can brush her hair today
  • Caden is practising everyday to make his own sandwiches. He tells me he has to practice, practice, practice everyday
  • B is at work again today. It seems he is never home (he does shift work, but has been doing  a lot of overtime too)
  • Ethan has learnt how to climb up onto things, like my bed, the lounge etc. If only he knew how to climb down without hurting himself in the process
This is only a few of the things going on. There is still a lot left unsaid. So please remember that when you see me or talk to me, you don't know everything...


  1. I feel so much pain in your words - sending you light & love x

  2. You are right, nobody ever really knows what goes on in the private life of a blogger. But you were brave enough to speak out and that screams volumes to some who are unable. It Takes courage and gives courage. Just know, that online and off you are cared for. Your family/ friends love you and even strangers like myself care that you are having to go through such a terrible time at the moment. Nobody should ever have to experiance it.
    Sending hugs and care x

  3. I completely understand. Sooo much doesn't get put on my blog. Every now and then I may slip something I really should just keep in my head.

    But def know where you are coming from.

    Big squishy hugs hun, sounds like you need them :)


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