Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Review} Vaseline Dry Skin lotion

This post is apart of Product Talk by Nuffnang. It is not a sponsored post but I did receive product for the purpose of review.

I have horrible dry pale skin all year round, it gets worse in winter and I start to resemble a fish. That is unless I don't put some serious effort into my skin. For years I have been looking for the right moisturiser, you know the one that doesn't delay leaving the house for an hour because you can't get dressed until your moisturizer soaks in even after rubbing in it so much you start to get sore shoulders... Well I think I have finally found one such moisturiser. I have been using Vaselines dry skin conditioning lotion for the past week and a half and in that time I have had not any muscle or joint fatigue from rubbing it in for ages and well I have had delayed departures from home, but not due to waiting for moisturiser to soak in. More along the lines of kids not co-operating...

In the past week and a half I have noticed some change in my skin for the good. I have been moisturising twice a day since it is so quick and easy and there is not greasy residue after application.

Hubby even used it the other day a commented that it was pretty good. He always steals my moisturizers then whines that the smell is too girly (yes love, it is girly. It's because it's a women's moisturiser!) 

I was even going to share a photo but decided that the world doesn't need to be blinded by my lily white legs. I will defiantly be replacing my existing moisturiser with Vaselines new dry skin conditioning lotion for two reasons. 
  1. It is cheaper than my existing moisturiser. At a RRP of $7.29 for 357ml I think it is a very reasonable price.
  2. It is nowhere near as greasy as my current moisturiser

Simple decision really.

Do you end up looking like a fish in winter if you don't stick to a moisturising routine? What do you use in your daily routine?

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  1. From the various posts I've read of this, it seems to be quite good! Have to admit, I'm not usually a moisturiser for this reason - most take forever to soak in properly or are greasy! That and I'm not too dry except my legs in summer sometimes.


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