Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Creative Space

I have had pretty much no time yet again for any type of crafting this week. I did manage to almost finish Mahli's scarf that I started months ago and I did cast on Caden's scarf to try and stop him nagging me to start it...
 I really must get a jump on there scarves though as we are heading to the snow in less than 6 weeks and we have a shortage of winter gear to keep us all warm. My awesome Granny has been busy knitting them mittens and beanies and a few jumpers for Ethan, I can't wait for the day when I can knit as fast as her!

This is one of the jumpers she knitted for Ethan. I love the colours... not that you can see them in these photos, my camera battery is flat so have had to resort to the iPhone for photos

I also have fabric cut out waiting to be sewn up into this jacket for Mahli.

And am looking for a pattern for the boys so I can make them some jackets too. I was looking at the downtown boy pattern but am not sure...

Then depending on the time I have left I am going to try my hand at making myself a jacket... wish me luck.

I did manage to start cutting the fabric for the quilts I mentioned last week, but have had no time to actually sew anything up. Fingers crossed for next week.

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  1. THat little jumper looks so cute!! Nothing like grandma hand knitted jumpers I say :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! That jacket is if only I could sew :(

    Although I do agree, there is something so satisfying about anything hand knitted really that cannot be bet. Nothing seems so snuggly, does it? My Nan used to make me jumpers as a little girl and said they were 'made with extra cuddles built in' :)

  3. Happy knitting and sewing!! Ooo and I love the granny jumpers.

  4. I love that Jumper, Grannies are so awesome. My mum just knitted my bubba a suit - with no pattern... whilst she was in hospital - they are just too awesome for words they are!!!

  5. My mum has that pattern to make into a jacket for my lil girl! I love it!


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