Monday, July 18, 2011

Mixed feelings

I have just returned from kindy drop off... I was thankful last week that not much fazes Caden, but it seems I spoke to soon. My poor little fella is hurting and I don't know why or how to fix it. This morning he didn't want to go to kindy, he kept putting it off.  But we got there. I left Ethan and Mahli with my Mum so I could have some one on one time with him, but when we got there he was extremely quiet and not really interested in being there. We did a few things together and then he disappeared behind the chubby house they have there and looked like he was about to cry, his eyes where welling up... I asked him what was up and tried to stay calm and casual but inside I was hurting for the little guy... He simply told me that he didn't know... I distracted him by getting him to show me his kindy work book and then left him with the Teachers Assistant and they went off to play with play doh. I just rang and checked and apparently he is fine and laughing whilst eating his morning tea..

I know a few things happened last week with a birthday party and him not being invited, but apart from that everything seemed fine. I even spoke to his teacher last week to see how he was going and she told me everything is fine, he has lots of friends and is coming along in leaps and bounds... 

Okay I am just rambling now, but needed to type this out to try and sort through what I am going to do for the little dude. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?


  1. When my daughter started full time school at 5 I gave her a little charm in her pocket and I told her that if she felt sad or uneasy to give the charm a rub and that I would think of her.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  2. I don't know if you will read this Mrs M, but I can't email you :-(

    But just wanted to say what a fab idea that is! I will defiantly find something to give to him with the same sentiment.

    Thanks again

  3. I LOVE Mrs M's idea! Have nothign worthwhile to offer in terms of advice, just wanted to say my own heart broke reading this, as I could so clearly feel your pain through your words. Its so hard when we want nothing more than happiness to fill their every moment, but have no control over it all of the time. Take comfort from the fact the teachers have told you he is now smiling xx

  4. Amy I love Mr's M's idea too. The kinder staff will keep an eye on him since they are aware of your concerns. Hopefully it is just something passing, sometimes it can be as simple as a 'falling out' with a special friend over a toy.Children recover from things so quickly as a rule whilst we as their mum's might agonize over something for much longer.Just keep communicating with the staff, if something is bugging him and it goes on they will notice and work on it with you both.


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