Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Grateful for...

The week has flown by yet again and it is already Saturday! I really can't believe how fast the days are rolling by.

This week I am grateful for...

1. The blogging community! I want to welcome all the new followers to my blog! The MahliMoo community is now up to 106  107 people not including you guys that subscribe to the RSS feed! 106 107 may not seem like much to some, but to me it is A LOT! Thank you to each and everyone of you.

2. Craft Swaps- I have met a lot of new and wonderful people through participating in craft swaps. They are fun to be a part of and just his week I received an awesome package from Ellen of Creative Passage.

Thanks so much Ellen.

3. I am grateful that not much fazes Caden. He is a happy sole and takes this as they come to him. This week the little guy was faced with some not so nice comments at Kindy. Invites were given out to some kids at kindy for a boys party. Caden didn't get one, which doesn't bother me as not everyone can always be invited, but the Boy announced to Caden that he wasn't invited to his party, apparently Caden was okay with this and said to the boy that when it is his (Caden's) birthday that he would be invited to his party and the Boy told him not to bother as he didn't want to go to his party... Caden was a bit sad when I picked him up from kindy and when he told me the story, but afterwards he told me that it was fine, plenty of other kids would be at his party to play with him on his birthday. I just don't understand why 4 year olds (turning 5) would be saying those kind of things to each other???

What are you grateful for today? Pop on over to Maxabellas and share in the warm and fuzzies


  1. Your empire is growing, and rightly so!

    I would love an easy going little one. So far none of mine are turning out to be that guy, but I live in hope! x

  2. i love that - the blogging world is a lovely place, i am so pleasantly surprised. hope you don't mind another new follower! x

  3. Caden breaks my heart , I have just turned 5 yr old boys and I can imagine his sad little face. What a little spunk he is to be so gracious to the little horror and say he would invite him anyway.


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