Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm grateful for...

I can't beleive it is the weekend already! It's already time to reflect on the week that was and this week I am grateful for a few things

1. Warm socks- My feet haave been freezing so I have taken to wearing some of my hubbys work socks around the house... attractive I know. Yes, I know I live in a warm part of Australia and many of you are actually freezing your butts off, but a few points in my defence. I have lived on the coast of Central Qld my whole life. Winters here are getting colder and even my Nanna from Queanbeyan gets cold when she visits us here.

2. School Holidays- I have loved having all three kids around for the past two week. Caden and Mahli miss each others company when Caden is at kindy and Ethan really enjoys paying games with Caden, they play there own baby version of hide and seek that is so so cute.

3. Trashy TV- Our recent installation of Austar has introduced us to such TV programs as The Real Housewives of New Jersey, D.C, Beverely Hills, etc etc. They are hilarious. B is loving them too. (Fingers crossed he doesn't read this and find out I told everyone!) He was talking to his sister the other night and ended the conversation so he could finish watching the New Jersey version. I think I may have created a monster in introducing him to them, he has just gotten over the fact that The Hills is finished. He once bought me Hills dvds for christmas (or maybe it was my birthday) just so he could watch them...

What are you grateful for?

As always I am playing along with Maxabella Loves, pop on over and say hi.

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  1. I'm grateful I got to clap eyes on the cupcake as well. Yuuuummmm... I'm just imagining myself eating it right now... YUUUUUUMMMM! Sorry, where was I... oh yes, warm socks in the school holidays while watching trashy TV. I can go for that. My fave program is Wife Swap so there you go! x

  2. yep lovin the warm socks here too! x

  3. I just put warm socks on just then and was marvelling at them. Hey I know Queanbeyan - i was a Canberra girl and my family are still in Canberra - now that 's cold brrrrr. I love trashy tv too sooo funny!

  4. Hehe!! That's too funny! Fingers crossed he doesn't look at your blog over the weekend! Love trashy TV too! :)

  5. Honest post and I love socks and used to wear them in bed as a child and still do sometimes (don't tell!)
    Seeing children happy together is a very special reason to be grateful

  6. I so know what you mean about warm socks! THey make all the difference.. I live in a flat in Dunedin (NZ) with three other students. We often fill up hot water bottles too and sit in the lounge with them warming our bellies. Lovely to have all your children around for the holiday too! x


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