Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Am Greatful For... Rainbows

Or rather I am grateful for how excited my kids get when they see one. I love the simple innonence of my children, they way small things bring joy to their life. It must be wonderful seeing the world from their point of view. It makes me sad to think that their view will slowly change as they get older and more outside influeneces effect them. Like the day they find out that Santa Claus isn't real, that The Rock isn't really the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny doesn't make them hunt for eggs every year or like Caden discovered at Kindy last week, his jacket isn't a jumper because it has a zip therefore he was the odd one out...

Do you worry about your kids views being questioned by their peers? How have you handled it as they popped up in the lives of your kids.

As always on Saturdays I am playing along with Maxabella Loves. Pop on over to get your weekly fix of the warm and fuzzies!


  1. What lovely post x keep writing x

  2. aww rainbows just beautiful.I love rainbows myself.

  3. Rainbows are magic aren't they?

    As your children come up against these things you will find the right words to give them comfort.


  4. We have a lovely rainbow that visits us often in the valley in front of our house. I love having 'our' rainbow.

    And, yes, all the time... the peer group scares the life out of me!! x

  5. It is so lovely to appreciate the beautiful and simple things like a rainbow. My children spotted one on the drive home from school a few weeks ago. They were beyond excited and swore they could see the pot of gold at the end. Ahhhh innocence, I just love it!

  6. rainbows are the best! i always run outside when theres sun and rain to check if there might be one! :o9

  7. what Santa isn't real?

    Truly it is actually ok - because they have the memories, my boys recently said thank you to me for keeping the magic happening...yours will too and you will see one day how they duplicate it with their own families, it certainly doesn't detract from the celebration....mind you i was kind of happy to boot the rabbit out- i find it ridiculous to spin that one especially when it has nothing to do with the meaning of the festival. bUT MAYBE i am being a grinch about it!

  8. I love the innocence and wonder of children. Hate that it is lost along the way. But having them reconnects us with that former part of ourselves. I have no doubt you will find the right words when the time comes.

    Welcome to The Mom Pledge Community! Stopping by from our blog hop...

  9. We saw a double rainbow this week! And I've told anyone who'll listen how awesome it was. Loving your rainbow love.

  10. We love rainbows too, the kids get so excited. There seem to be quite a few around this year, all this rain and sun in Sydney. My older boys stil play along with Santa for the wee ones - it's beautiful to see.


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