Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds...

I actually got a chance to do some thrifting this week. Only a small chance though and did have two kids with me so my purchases were heavily influenced by them.

Both the pram and the cradle came with dolls and blankets, bottles and books for the 'babies'. I really didn't want to get the plastic pram, but it was only $4 and she did love it.

I did also find a complete set of retro dinnerware. It was exactly like the set my Granny used to have. Alas I didn't buy it because B would of flipped. He doesn't understand my love of dinnerware and has put us on a dinnerware purchasing ban until the kids break every plate in the house... hmmm maybe I can 'help' the kids with this and my retro set might be still there for me to buy!

I am joining in with Sophie at Her Library Adventures today. Pop on over and check out all the thrifting goodness.


  1. bargain city!!! Love love love it - sometimes you just wonders for coinage! Hmmm, you must work on B to lift that ban!

  2. I love Little Golden Books! Those are my favorites. Good score!

  3. I love Golden Books!

    I feel for you on your dinnerware ban. That would be a tough one for me.


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