Friday, July 22, 2011

Cleaning with kids

Alternate title- A New Form Of Torture...

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Household tasks have been overwhelming me of late. We have Mount Washmore residing in our master bedroom, a never ending cycle of washing and hanging out clothes, a dishwasher that is always needing to be stacked or unstacked... You probably know all to well what I am talking about. Cleaning is the bane of my existence but throw kids into the mix and the level of torture goes up a notch, they either follow behind and make more mess as you are cleaning or they refuse to help as it is just to hard mummy and that is said in the whiniest voice imaginable too! So today I thought of a new plan of attack. I would write a to do list of jobs for myself, Caden and Mahli and once a job was done they got to cross it off. This worked for Caden he loved seeing how fast he could do his jobs and also finding them in the list and crossing them off. He did need some prompt to help find the words but he also got a sense of achievement when he found the job in the list.

To mix it up a bit we had some speed challenges, like who could pick up 10 toys the quickest. Prizes where given the the winners. No fancy prizes, just one square of chocolate etc. It was pretty successful... well Caden had a ball and played along, Mahli on the other hand tried to barter her list down to the fewest jobs possible and in the end did pretty much nothing..

What do you do to keep the kids interested when cleaning? Do you get them to help or do you set them up with activities so they stay out of your way??

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  1. I have Mount Foldmore - actually I have an entire mountain range of baskets lined up ready to be folded and thrown back into drawers. It is so monotonous isn't it? I find the kids like to be involved in housework, especially when water is required. Not always helpful though. I usually give them their own little mess to work on which usually turns into a much bigger one - sigh.

  2. I love your quotes. Vey funny. And I put my colthes away when clean and dry, but only tend to iron things when I want to put them on.....does that make me wierd??

  3. I only have 1 little guy right now, so when I really need to get something done and he is not being cooperative, I just put him in my beco carrier on my back and get on with the task. It works pretty well, plus I usually get a good work out too!


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