Friday, June 24, 2011

Things I'm Loving


My kids have been sick all week. Monday started off with Caden and Mahli being sick and we ended up at the doctors on Monday afternoon to be told that they have ear infections and inflamed throats. They were coughing up a storm which usually ended in vomit ting as well. 

Ethan was fine... until Wednesday his nose started running, but was otherwise well. Wednesday night he couldn't sleep and was up for most of the night and then Thursday the coughing started, he was wheezing, eyes were watery, and fevers set in. Long story short he now has croup... I am not loving any of this. 

But what I am loving is how much the three of them care about each other! They have spent most of the week cuddling each other (and me...) And now that Ethan is really sick, Mahli and Caden sit next to him and stroke his head and cuddle him and have been telling "It's alright bubba, we are here." Awww they make my heart melt!

What are you loving this week???

Pop on over to Paisley Jade's to share in the love.


  1. So glad you can find something positive to be thankful about during such a rough time! Hope they all get well soon. xoxo

  2. Oh no - sick kids is tough - hope they're all feeling better soon xx


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