Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I'm Loving


I have a lot to love this week.

First off, I got a new job!!! And even better it is work from home!!! Sorry for the exclamation marks. I am just super excited.

2ndly- The job is for a online fabric business. How great is that. I get to stay at home with the kiddies and work for a business the sells something I love!!!

3rd- I am loving winter, not because of the cold, but the dark mornings! It is making my kiddies sleep in!!! YAY. No more 5am starts. She says as she runs around the house touching every wooden thing she can find!

As always I am linking up with Kristy at Paisley Jade's today. Pop on over to get a warm fuzzy feeling inside from every ones lovin'.

I am as excited as a cookie monster is by a plate of cookies!
Image from weheartit


  1. Hi Amy..great to have a job at home where you don't have to travel and can keep warm! I'm a big fan of exclaimation marks..woohoo!!

  2. Wow - that sounds like such a perfect job! Don't worry, I have an exclamation mark addiction here too!!!

  3. That's great - so glad things are looking good.

  4. Yaaaaaaayyyyy! Congrats on the job Amy! How fortunate is that! I laughed my head off at the picture!

  5. Congrats, sounds like a awesome job, sounds like my dream job too!

  6. Wow so much to be grateful for there - congrats on the new job, how awesome to be able to work from home x


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